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Skills Malfunction

D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jun-19-2004 07:08

I may be off on a tangent, cos my brains are fried for being a detective 15hrs straight a day (meals at desk included - while stocks last) but...Does anyone else encounter these skill-related problems?

#1. On purchasing a new skill IN THE MIDST of a case, the new skill is not very effective.

Eg. I studied real hard and upgraded myself with a "Handwriting Analysis" course, then went back to my open case. The "You found A Threatening Note" clue changed to "Handwriting". It didn't elaborate further.

#2. Sometimes, some skills don't work.

- You found a Threatening Note.
- You found a Bloody Footprint.
Analysing the evidence, you are able to determine it is Footprint from a heavy person

(In the above eg, the Threatening Note renders no further clue. Is this intentional, or do I seriously have a bug?)


Bruce Garetz
Bruce Garetz

Jun-19-2004 07:35

These problems are normal.

When you investigate a crime scene, your skills at the time of investigation are taken into account and subsequent visits to the crime scene will not change what you know (even if you buy a skill in the meantime).

Handwriting Analysis, Footprint Analysis, Advanced Thread Analysis, and Advanced Hair Analysis allow you to gain more information only some probability of the time. Having smarts enhancing gear helps increase this probability.

Jennifer Massoli
Jennifer Massoli

Jun-20-2004 02:15

Buying skills does not influence already found evidence. You should have bought the skill before searching the crime scene and it would give you more info, depending on how smart your detective is.

james lee
james lee

Jun-20-2004 05:36

maybe the admin should make it mandatory to read the help page before playing

D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jun-20-2004 07:51

Thanks for all your replies.

Bruce and Jen, you were both right. I appreciate the enlightenment.

James.. well, I do appreciate the help-page hint, masked by overtones of sarcasm. But then again, how else would I get replies from a very tough archtype such as yourself? *wink*

Besides, I read the help page and (tried reading) the message boards (there's just pages upon pages and the worse thing is I never know how many more pages are coming before the end) prior to posting this. Unfortunately, my little blind eyes weren't able to pick out the info I wanted. I do apologise for causing any inconvenience to the likes of you. Do accept my sincere apologies.

Perhaps Ben could make reading all messages mandatory so rookies can learn off the experience of their predecessors.

Or...Maybe there could be a small search box so entering keywords will result in a string of threads to follow up on.

I really do appreciate all the help rendered especially from Bruce, Jennifer, James Lee, Wayne Williams Jr., lazymuse, Torrey, Greyling, Negasong, and (if I unintentional forgot your name, please put it herewith) __________.


Jun-20-2004 09:41

Maybe what would be helpful is to have a mandatory quiz before people can start cases, with some very basic questions:

- In order to accuse someone (including a client), I need a: (1) sense of humor, (2) motive, (3) magic wand, (4) Chief Medical Examiner.

- If I have a skill such as Handwriting Analysis, it works: (1) all of the time, (2) some of the time.


D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jun-20-2004 15:22

*cracks up with laughter* Sigarr, you're a treat.

If the answer to the first question of your quiz is (1), you'd bag all points, contacts and equipment hands down!

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