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Congrats to Starsky & Hutch the New number 1 Aagency!
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Skyler Michaels
Skyler Michaels

Apr-27-2005 20:16

First off to Black Swan they were wone of the toughest ban best agencies this game has ever seen. They set such a high standard and there were times I wondered if we could actually pass them. They all did such a great job and it is with Pride that we take the batton for Swan. Bella always ran such a class agency.

Now to my Team To everyone who has played or plays in Starsky & Hutch the new number one agency in Sleuth On behalf of myself and Moon I would like to Congradulate you all on a job well done. I am so proud of you guys we worked hard but we also had a lot of fun. You guys rock and are the hardest workers in Sleuth. Don't let it go to your head hahaha we still have goals to accomplish lol. I'd like to thank the following my Mom and dad without this wouldn't be possible lol. ok serious I want to thank the following.
Co Director Man On The Moon
Officer Bryola
Officer Lou Zeffer
Officer Ace Citizen
Officer Blueberry Hill
agent Des Flurane
Agent Alldogship
Agent Olivertwist
Rookie Hatsumi
And the new guy Angel who will be helping us.

I also like to Congradulate Gone but not forgotten agents, who were very instrumental in our success.
Andrew Khoo
M. Zane/ now Mrs. Zane
Sara Scottland
Kit Katz/Neely
Blair Yeany

I hope I didn't leave anyone out you guys all did a great job each and every one of you and you should be very proud of your accomplishments. You also have to listen to my corny jokes lol.

Great job Starsky & Hutch lets kppe up the good work and go after those other goals we have set.

Skyler & Man On The Moon.


Skyler Michaels
Skyler Michaels

Apr-28-2005 12:01

Thanks to all for your kind words. Thanks Bella We try to follow your example thanks jstkdn. thanks to everyone.

The party will go on for a couple of days but we'll still be in our offices pluging away after all there are murders to catch lol.

Lady Grey
Lady Grey

Apr-28-2005 14:40



Apr-30-2005 15:17

Skyler: As a saying goes: "You've come a long way baby" You've a right to feel proud and boast, after all your hard work in getting there. I'm sure your little fingers feels the heat...hehe. Anyway, job well done everyone.

Lua Tantan
Lua Tantan
Super Steeper

Apr-30-2005 17:10



May-1-2005 08:52

Congratulations Starsky and Hutch!!!! Thank for the mention, Skyler. It was a pleasure to work with you and Moon. S&H is a fun hard working agency and you deserve the #1 spot. Good job everyone at S&H, well done.

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