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Agency Recruitment Policies
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D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jun-18-2004 22:16

I am currently unsubscribed and have come to realise that the only difference between subscription statuses (other than number of daily games playable) is thaat only subscribers are allowed to join agencies.

My question is this: When is a detective deemed to be fit for agency recruitment? I understand that entry requirements are arbitrary, but I believe each agency will want someone of a certain calibre, right? So what is the mimimum criteria for getting selected by an agency?

You may wish to use the following format to respond, if applicable.

Total Skill Points:
Unspent Skill Points:
Cases Quit:
Cases Solved:
False Accusations:
Smarts Adj:
Toughness Adj:
Charm Adj:



Jun-21-2004 11:42

Some of us have understanding bosses; or closed offices ;-)
I support the "more cases" club :-)

Ken Daire
Ken Daire

Jun-21-2004 14:21

Heh.. I don't think I'd manage to play all my cases if I had more of them! :)

D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jun-21-2004 15:16

MAybe we should be allowed to change the subject matter of posted messages. Our discussion has digressed to Sleuthsomia. NOt that I'm complaining. It's always interesting to see what course the message takes, but it gets misleading after awhile..

I must be real bored.. why am I doing this?!? *rambling rambling* I hope I get promoted to 8 cases soon or my mind will be this idle and everyone here will suffer. My other associates are contending for this one spot. Those who don't get promoted will have to live with managing 3 cases a day. Wish me luck!

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