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What to do!?

Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn

Mar-17-2005 11:34

Ok, still playing on easy level I have a footprint that belongs to someone with an alibi, witness evidence on someone else with an alibi, and someone who has a fake alibi with a motive and someone who has no alibi with a motive. Everyone's clammed up now and won't talk anymore.

How do I know who to accuse??



Mar-17-2005 12:50

I would quit this one. In future, ask alibis then witness questions. So if two people out of the four have alibis that have been confirmed by the townies, don't ask the other suspects for witness evidence about them. This saves questions to get evidence on the killer.


Mar-17-2005 19:33

Yep, I would complete the suspect list first (and easy case will have 5-6 suspects, so consulting the fortune teller at 5 suspects is a good move), then check alibis one at a time. For fake/no alibi people, I would check on physical evidence, saving witness evidence for last.

Other people have other strategies, but this works well for me.

Also, if you subscribe and join an agency, you can sometimes get help unclamming someone or with an evidence/alibi contact that clammed up on you.

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