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Pinball Amateur

Jul-3-2020 07:31

Simple, post a joke and rate the one that was posted before yours.

Rating system

10) Hilarious, I can't stop laughing and they're putting me in a straightjacket now.
9) Very funny, I have a feelgood vibe now for the rest of the day
8) Awesome joke. I'm jealous now that I didn't post it.
7) Haha, I think I'll put this on my FB page.
6) Thx for giving me an awesome 3 seconds in my life.
5) Oh cool, a joke.
4) Yawn
3) I want those 3 seconds of my life back.
2) Help, I can't move the corners of my mouth anymore.
10 This was so depressing that I think I'm gonna cry for the rest of the day now.

Why do Scots were nothing underneath their kilt? Because they have a wee problem.



Jan-21-2021 14:01

I love jokes and riddles.

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