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Faction Oddity

Kell Dewclaw
Kell Dewclaw
Battered Shoe

Apr-12-2020 11:30

Just completed a case that gave me a boost to to my Green Hand status, and a decrease to the Circle of Light.

In London.

The Circle of Light. London.

It was a case that had been stashed in an apartment for around four years or so. Hard to tell if that’s a current glitch or something that happened back when a bunch of the stored cases got all out of whack.


miss snopes
miss snopes
Special Deliverance

Apr-13-2020 23:20

How come these things never happen when you actually need/want them to?? :D

Safety Officer

Apr-14-2020 17:30

Saved cases that old are more than likely glitched. On a brighter note, they usually just lock you out of the game, so take the 'win' :)

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