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Game Keeps Logging Me Out

Victor Price
Victor Price

Jan-11-2019 06:50

I took my first featured case (Murder in Manhattan), and whenever I try to test a piece of evidence in a location (like handwriting at the bank or cloth at the tailor), I get logged out. What gives? This makes the game unplayable. And no, upon being logged out, I don't receive the piece of info I otherwise would've.


Theodora X
Theodora X
Battered Shoe

Jan-11-2019 10:42

Hi Victor

If you click on the City Hall tab and then look down the list of yellow links, you will find a link that lets you 'Report a Bug'. If you post your problem there then someone should try to fix it for you - but I wouldn't hold your breath. It's unlikely to be fixed overnight.

Safety Officer

Jan-13-2019 15:29

I thought that was fixed :s Obviously not. It'll have to come down.

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