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The Wolf of Karachi
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M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-7-2018 16:55

It could not have been more than a week since they defeated the mysterious Jack, the mastermind behind the Order of the Sphinx, and his dastardly plan to create a "perfect world", a world full of eunuchs making everyone the same.

In that time, Marc made an enemy and then a friend though Edward Carlyle, a soon-to-be disgraced FBI agent. Edward's team died fighting Sphinx, he was held responsible for each of their deaths. But it was Jasper who sacrificed himself to create the perfect distraction.

Marc sat alone in the dark nursing a bottle of gin, reflecting on the past events. He jumped at the sound of a lout rapping on his door.

"It's open!" He called out without looking up.

Riza walked in. "We're heading to the train station. The train leaves in an hour to Karachi. You ready?"

Marc gulped the last of his gin and tossed the bottle behind him, shattering the glass against the wall as he stood up. He heafted his bag over his shoulder and smiled.

"Let's go get our friend."


Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Dec-13-2018 15:14

The train trundled on through the night, the rolling hills and distant mountains of the Indian landscape whispering by in a hush. Molly sat drenched in moonlight, gazing at the blur of pastures, grasslands and small villages of shepherds whisking by. A gold-rimmed martini glass hovered at her lips.

She considered all that had transpired, the weary faces of her friends as they bandied about possible locations of Anais in her sitting room earlier. Unbidden, memories of the final confrontation sprang to her mind as they had frequently over the past few days. The death of Jasper, the death of Jack... his bright blue eye, which she had shattered...the twisted, unrecognizable face of her ex husband.

Slowly, she reached into her brassiere and dreamlike, pulled out the tiny fragment of blue stone. A remainder of the amulet, shattered as it was. Molly wasn't even sure how or when it had wound up in her possession. It had shaken free into her hand as if it had always been there outside the hideout. For some reason, she didn't show the others.

Now, in the darkness of her sleeping car, she turned it over carefully in her fingers, wondering if she was imagining the faint pulsing light flickering and flashing like a fairy light as it turned in her fingertips. Wondering why she could almost hear his voice, whispering, seething. Alternating between the seductive tones she so remembered from the early days of marriage, and an inhuman buzzing like a thousand insect wings.

"What a legacy you leave, Jack." She said to no one at all, slipping the fragment back into her blouse and resuming her vigil at the window. Karachi, she was sure, held more for her than Anais.

Ed Carlyle
Ed Carlyle

Dec-13-2018 17:11

The sea sickness eneded immediately after Edward got off of the cruise ship in Shanghai. It was hot and humid from the previous rain storm that passed through. His next stop was the train station. He hailed a taxi and before he knew it, he was at the station.

He bought his ticked to Karachi and sat down to wait for the train. A new feeling passed over him. One that made him sick to his stomach, but not enough to make him vomit again. This feeling was fear. A fear that he forgot something. But what?

It wasn't until sometime around 2:00 am, that he remembered what he had forgotten. He opened his eyes wide awake remembering that Molly had arranged for a private flight for him to meet them in Karachi.

"Damnit!" He yelled. Then he remembered that the person he shared a compartment with was sound asleep, snoring like a wild beast. "Damnit, all!" He whispered loudly this time, being more careful not to wake him up. He quickly sat up, also forgetting about the top bunk. He slapped his head on the bottom of the bunk and knocked himself unconscious.

He awoke 12 hours later as the train stopped at another station. He would have to board one more train to get to Karachi.

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Dec-13-2018 18:31

Even though it was the middle of the night and all of the windows were open, it was stiflingly hot in the train car and Riza was positively parched. She peeled herself off her seat with a grimace. Perhaps it would have been better had she chosen to deviate from her usual full-body attire for something a little more suited for the weather.

“Which way is it?” Riza mused to herself as she turned her head left to right, before she remembered the bucket of ice she had seen in Molly’s car earlier. Riza couldn’t be bothered to fix herself a drink, but a cold beverage would be lovely--all the more so in good company! Hopefully Molly was still awake.

As Riza sauntered down the hallway, her mind turned again to the letter she received just before she left. As she was fairly certain Joseph had caught her looking at it earlier, she dared not bring it out again, instead choosing to squirrel it away in her travel bag, in between her delicates. But she had already memorized every word.

Riza ran her hand through her hair. What could she do in her current position? It wasn’t as though she had planned everything out that far in advance…but she had to acknowledge that she needed to make a decision fairly soon.

Lost in her thoughts, Riza did not notice someone emerging from another compartment. The train lurched to the right as it turned a bend, throwing Marc off balance. He fell to the side and cursed, expecting to feel the hallway’s hardwood paneling greet his ribs, but instead his chest landed against something soft.

Marc stared into Riza’s eyes for the moment, having not yet realized he had her pinned against the wall. He lingered perhaps a moment too long, as she raised an eyebrow at him. As soon as he came to his senses, his face turned a shade paler. “I--I, er…sorry,” he said, immediately pulling back. The last thing he needed was another scar to add to the collection.

“Wait,” Marc said as Riza began to walk away.

She stopped and turned towards him. “Yes?”

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-13-2018 18:37

Marc could not contain himself. He grabbed her and pulled her close and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back. For a moment. Then she opened her yes and jerked out of his grasp. She glared at him and slapped him hard on the face.

“I-I'm sorry,” Marc said quickly, “I don't know what came over me. I-”

Riza cut him off by kissing him hard on the lips. “Shut up,” she said. And kissed him again. They pulled away from each other and made their way to nearest compartment. He slid the door open hastily and slammed it shut, locking it as they entered the tiny compartment. They kissed again, time touching each other intimately. She fumbled for his belt as he ripped open her blouse, and laid her on the bed

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Dec-13-2018 22:02

Dawn came quicker than Joseph had expected. The lanky man woke up feeling as if he had only blinked, and the waning moon from the previous night converted itself into a bright tawny orb, hovering just above the horizon. Joseph had hoped for rain again, but this day promised to be hot and sunny.

Joseph noticed Marc was no longer in the upper bunk, who was usually a late riser. He decided not to dwell on it and headed for the bathroom. As he passed another compartment he heard it being unlocked. Riza emerged, hair frazzled. There were missing buttons on her blouse. He remembered clearly that her cabin was further down the corridor. Riza gave Joseph a nonchalantly look and headed back to her own sleeping car, ignoring him.

Joseph continued his way to the privy. Just then, he heard shoveling noise from behind him and as he turned back he saw Marc standing in the corridor fumbling with the waistline on his pants.

“What’s the matter with you?” Joseph queried.

“I just couldn’t find my belt, that’s all.” Marc replied.

With sharp eyes Joseph noticed a thin piece of leather stuck in the gap of the old sliding door. Joseph pointed that out to Marc. Marc thanked Joseph, yanked his belt from the gap and returned to their cabin. Joseph really needed to go and hurried to the bathroom, not yet able to put the piece together in his head.


Dec-14-2018 03:40

"Finally, a solid lead." Vulkie murmered to herself, as she lit a piece of paper with her cigarette.

The paper itself had contained a name and an address of an important Sphinx Member. It had taken her a considerable amount of money and a few talks with the underground members of Shanghai, but it all paid off in the end; she would finally get a piece of closure.

Stubbing her cigarette out with the tip of her shoe, she walked determined towards the front doors of the New Orient Towers. Explaining to the doorman that she had come to pay a visit to one of her many detective friends, who rented an apartment in the complex, he let her instantly in.

With a slight push of her fingertip on the elevator button, the machinery came to life and the elevator descended to the ground level. A slight ping indicated it had arrived.

As Vulkie stepped into the elevator, she pushed the button for one of the higher floors, albeit two floors lower than her target was located.

Eventually, she stood in a hallway with four doors, all leading to different apartments. Remembering the name of the Sphinx Member, she browsed through the nameplates. It was the second door on the right side of the hallway.

Carefully, she placed her ear on the door, trying to discern any sounds that would indicate her target was in the apartment. Hearing none, she reached silently through her bag and found her item in desperate needs; a lockpicking set that she had since the day she became a jewelry thief.

Picking a lockpick and her tension wrench, she went on to work. One minute later, a soft click could be heard and a rush of excitement went through Vulkie's body.

Opening the door softly, there was a slight creak to be heard; Vulkie muttered a curse under her breath and proceeded through the apartment.

The air was damp and there was a strong smell of copper. Grabbing her Colt 1911 out, she proceeded silently to what looked like an office... (continue in next part)


Dec-14-2018 03:58

Noticing that the sliding doors weren't fully closed, she hugged against the wall to the right and peered through the opening. She could see that someone was lying face down near a desk.

Opening the sliding doors softly, she went into the office and looked around. It was as though a serious fight had taken place; a chair in a corner was overthrown, the couch cushions were ripped and feathers lay all over the ground.

As she walked over towards the desk, she found the button for a desk lamp and flicked it on.

The figure, which laid down near the desk, was most likely her target. The woman's throat had been slit and the blood flowing from the cut had drenched one side of the desk.

"Damn, too late..." Vulkie sighed, as she put her gun away. In the figure's left hand, a dagger was still gripped firmly. Rigor Mortis had set in, indicating that her target was dead for at least a couple of hours, if not a few days.

"Well, I'm not going to get any wiser from you, am I?" Vulkie jested and she began to rummage through the desk and the file cabinets.

She found several interesting documents, but the one that sprung into her eye as most interesting seemed to be a report of some kind.

Browsing through the papers, she quickly began to read: "Subjects ML, RH and JZ are on their way to Karachi. Suspected MM and EC are joining them at one point, if not already on the train. Word sent to our local agents in the region. As to VN or HVV, no solid leads whatsoever... Awaiting further instructions."

The moment Vulkie read the report, her eyes widened with fear. The remaining Sphinx members WERE planning some sort of revenge and had found out where the group of detectives were heading.

Grabbing the report and the other documents, she stuffed them in her bag and made a run for the elevator. Pushing the button frantically, she began to mutter: "Come on... Come on, you piece of junk, COME ON!"

(cont. in next part)


Dec-14-2018 04:09

As the elevator reached her floor, a soft ping once again indicated it had arrived. When the doors opened, Vulkie jumped in and slammed her fist on the ground floor button.

"I was too late..." Vulkie whispered to herself, while the elevator descended. "If only I had gotten this lead earlier, I could've done something..." she babbled on.

When the elevator finally reached the ground floor, she jumped out of it and brushed past the doorman, hailing a riksha and immediately went to her office.

Grabbing a trunk, she stuffed a few pieces of clothes in it and some other necessities for the journey that was awaiting her. Karachi, it seemed, was a few days away. But she would do her damnedest to arrive there in time to help save the group from any danger of the Sphinx Members.

Arriving eventually at the train station, she sent a message to the detective group, hoping they would receive it in time. For if not, she swore that she would hunt down every last one of them and make sure they suffered the consequences.

Before boarding the train, she rummaged through her bag. As she got out the painkiller bottle, she noticed that her other hand had started to tremble.

"Not now..." Vulkie commented, while unscrewing the top and swallowing two pills. She still suffered from the knife wound Jack had made.

As she found her carriage, she sat down and fetched a cigarette from her case. Lighting it up, she could hear the train whistle blow and the train softly started to get into motion, heading towards Karachi.

"Hold on guys." Vulkie whispered to herself, while staring out of the window...


Dec-14-2018 05:39

(FYI, the whole "swore thing" is meant again Sphinx members) :)


Dec-17-2018 17:47

The Bhedyia looked at the photograph of his next target, then looked back to the lady in the compartment across from his. She wasn't beautiful, but she was lovely. A pity, he thought to himself. He pocketed the photograph and waited. He would strike when the timing was right.

Nightfall came slowly but surely. The Bhedyia watched as Vulkie tossed and turned, unable to sleep, until she finally stood up and swallowed a handful of white pills and stepped out of her compartment.

The timing was now or never as he quietly followed her, carefully keeping distance so as not to be seen. Like a wolf stalking its prey. He followed her through the next train car and outside into the cool, night air.

"May I?" He asked pulling out a lighter as she pulled out a cigarette.

Without a word, she accepted the offer. "It's beautiful out." The Bhedyia said after a moment of silence. Vulkie nodded in agreement.

"So..." Bhedyia said trying to get a conversation started. "you have business in Karachi?"

"I'm looking for someone,". She said after another moment of silence. She stubbed out her cigarette and walked back inside. Perfect. He waited until she was in the next car before he made his way back in and once again he stalked her back to her compartment.

He waited until she closed her compartment door before he approached and knocked.

"What?" She demanded opening the door.
He thrust his arm forward, grabbing her by the throat, just hard enough for her not to make a sound.

With a few hand gestures and a whispered phrase into her ear, he had her hypnotised. "You are my puppet now. You will do exactly what I say, when I say," He said with an evil smile.

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