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Contest: Sleuth Trivia (Part 4)
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Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Jul-2-2017 19:44

Greetings, all! Since I seem to have lost all ability to be concise (except for this post), I've put all the details on the trivia contest at the link below:

Good luck! :D


Bela Talbot III
Bela Talbot III
Con Artist

Jul-20-2017 08:09

Haha. 3 days: now I *know* Riza's just enjoying watching us all stew. XP

miss snopes
miss snopes
Bounty Hunter

Jul-20-2017 08:13

That's what I keep thinking too, Bela! :D


Jul-21-2017 00:30

Day 4... I'm still nibbling on a biscuit; or a fingernail, in anticipation to see whether we get to see who's won the trivia ;)

The Announcer
The Announcer

Jul-21-2017 13:12

The Answers:

1. Battery Boardwalk
a. 6 carriages. Marvellous Mycroft, Understated Ulric, Silent Swithin, Amazing Aramantha, Dazzling Delilah, and Hazardous Holly
b. $2500
c. $2000
d. 9 youths
e. 8 carousel horses. Bela, Binky, Cloud, Mollie, Moonlight, Shadowfax, Stranger, and Trojan
f. 14 fish (6 colored) [All answers between 13 and 15 accepted] **
g. 4 movies. The Sleuthbook, Fifty Shades of Noir, Renegades, and The Dark Corner**
h. 73 seats

2. Tickets and Furores
a. Kaz Wesley and Linus Drake
b. It ranges between 16 and 24**
c. hour
d. 4 rings
e. 24 rings
f. 19 clues
g. 3 times
h. $0 and 0 turns

3. Stalking
a. LilRach
b. Summer Daze
c. “If at first you don’t succeed, give up, no use bein’ a damn fool twice.”
d. Swampmoose
e. February 26
f. Elizabeth Smythe/MaggieMay7575 (other answers acceptable)
g. Ima Vagabond (other answers acceptable)
h. Serges

4. Shameless Drunks
a. Speakeasy Chat
b. Beer Barrel Chat
c. Beer Barrel Chat
d. Bootlegger Chat
e. Bean Sack Chat
f. Wine Cask Chat
g. Speakeasy Chat
h. January 12, 2017

5. Game Room
a. I wish there were nothing but *good* karaoke singers at my shows.
b. 12 games (13 counting the current one). 3 times
c. Any variation of “Zero was killed/died” accepted

6. Random Noir Knowledge
a. 20, 40
b. The Victorious
c. 200 pounds
d. New York Sleuthers’ Jersey, New York Sleuthers’ Cap
e. October 2, 2013. $1 million
f. Toby Jug
g. Hudson River
h. Victorian Conservatory

The Announcer
The Announcer

Jul-21-2017 13:12

7. Competitions and Prizes
a. 2015 Halloween Contest
i. First place: Professor Troof. Second place: M. Lacrimosa
ii. Professor Troof: Vampire Ring. M. Lacrimosa: Coffin Double Bass

b. 2015 Holiday competition
i. Santa’s Little Helper, Santa’s Helper’s Shoes, Santa’s Helper’s Bells, Santa’s Helper’s Hammer, Santa’s Helper’s Shirt
ii. Jesse Hunter. Santa’s Little Helper
iii. Elf -- 2nd class

c. 2016 AVH Tourney
i. Verali. Yeti Fur Boots
ii. Beta Talbot III. Vintage Razor Set

d. 2016 Sleuth Olympics
i. Charioteer. Golden Laurel Wreath
ii. Laurel Wreath
iii. Engraved Ice Bucket
iv. Olympian
v. Pequod’s Fob Watch, Ladies Golf Ensemble, The Writing Set of de Coubertin, Duck Caller, Worn Track Shoes, A Pile of Feathers, The En Garde

e. 2016 Holiday challenge
i. Reindeer Antlers, Reindeer Boots, Reindeer Knife, Reindeer Pouch, Reindeer Coat
ii. Adela Bradley
iii. Rudolph Sleigher
iv. Red-Nosed
v. Reindeer Hoof Rack. $4,000
vi. +40 touch, charm, and smarts, with a built-in travel kit capability (other variations accepted)
vii. The Little Drummer. Red.

** Hard/Trick Question

The Announcer
The Announcer

Jul-21-2017 13:14

The winner of Sleuth Trivia (Part 4) is… *drumroll*… Sultry de Mon! Congratulations, Sultry! You had the most correct entry of all the contestants, and a near-perfect score.

At a close second was Bela Talbot III--excellent work! In general, I was very impressed by all the contestants' research and stalking skills. All non-winning participants will receive [5] GPP.

There were 6 entries received in total, 5 of which were at least 75% complete. Therefore, Sultry’s prize amount is $50,000x5= $250,000. Miss Hawkeye will wire you the prize money shortly. In addition, Sultry will receive [10] GPP.

Thank you all for playing, and I hope you had fun digging and searching for the answers. The questions for Sleuth Trivia (Part 5) are currently being compiled, so please look forward to that in the coming months. :)


Bonus: The most amusing answers received. :D

1f. How many fish are in the tank at the arcade?
I see 16 fish shapes but my eyes hurt so much from staring at the monitor - I'm not sure what is fish and what is rock :)

2a. What are the full names of the two people who offer you tickets?
Maggie and Joe :")

4. Shameless Drunks
b. Very British Bar
c. Oriental Express Bar
d. Delhi Bar
e. Victorious Bar
f. The Ship Bar

6c. Approximately how much does Big Lucy weigh?
A1: You don't ask a lady how much she weighs.
A2: no one knows - she's just big boned - and if you'd find out they'd give you nice set of concrete shoes :)

Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Jul-21-2017 14:10

Congratulations to the winners and to anyone who just took a shot at it. :) You have my deepest admiration.

miss snopes
miss snopes
Bounty Hunter

Jul-21-2017 14:58

Congrats Sultry!!!! ***FIREWORKS***


Jul-21-2017 15:39

Congrats, Sultry! :D WOOOO~

also +40 tough, charm, smart? holy cow *___* I thought I was exaggerating with my answer but I was low-balling

looking forward to the next one 8D

Sultry De Mon
Sultry De Mon
Con Artist

Jul-21-2017 18:32

Thanks everyone. It was lots of fun Riza.

Looking forward to the next one. Hopefully more of you Lurkers out there will join in. 😃

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