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The Resistance: Lurker Edition
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The Announcer
The Announcer

Jul-1-2017 09:19

Hello everyone. I’ll be hosting another game of Resistance, and I encourage all lurkers from the previous game(s) to come out and play! We’ll keep it simple with just gameplay and no story this time. And if you’ve never played before, feel free to jump right in, because we all need more imaginary problems to worry about. :)

The game takes place over a series of 5 "missions." The Resistance is trying to complete 3 missions successfully, while the spies are attempting to sabotage 3 missions. First one to 3 wins.

I will serve as game master. Once we get enough people to play (5-10 total), I will PM everyone their allegiance (either "Resistance" or "Spy"). If you are a "Spy," I will also PM you the names of your co-conspirators.

A "leader" will be chosen at random for the first mission. The leader has 2 important functions:
1) The leader will assign various "role" abilities to players. These are one-shot special powers a player can use to learn more information about someone.
2) The leader will assign players to the "team" for that mission.

Missions will have a varying number of players who are selected; the leader picks a team, then every player will vote on whether or not they approve the team by PMing me. Once all the votes are cast, I will post the voting results. If a majority approves the team, the mission starts. If not, the mission does not start, and the next player in line becomes the new "leader" for that round. This continues until either a mission is approved, or 5 consecutive mission teams are rejected (in which case the spies win automatically.)

Once a mission team is approved, those players will PM me their choice of action during that mission. Resistance players will ALWAYS choose to have the mission succeed by sending "Success," while spies have a choice: they can either elect to have the mission succeed (to throw off suspicion), or they can "Sabotage" the mission.



Jul-17-2017 17:44

However, I think I got Sal's feeling. So I will not say much anymore. And while I am a resistance, I will still vote to help the missions.

miss snopes
miss snopes
Special Deliverance

Jul-17-2017 21:22

OMG!!!!!! I just typed a long response here and didn't realize I was no longer logged in until I went back to re-read it and I wasn't logged in!!!

Shorter version is: Ty, I don't think you say too much here. I was simply agreeing with Zara that I would like to know who you suspect as a hidden spy and why because you might have noticed something that I've missed.

This is the type of game that is most fun the more people are interacting. Most of us seem to be very analytical thinkers which makes it all the more crazy because we each break down every little thing others are saying but it's all in fun. In other words, keep talking. :D

Sal Iva
Sal Iva
Little Monster

Jul-17-2017 21:30

I'm talked out. At least for tonight. Except to say, I'm sticking with Bela.

Zara Bande
Zara Bande
Bounty Hunter

Jul-18-2017 01:12

Ty, your reasoning here has gone akilter. I don’t know if its a language thing (understanding the nuances of what’s been said) or something else. But let me clarify.

Firstly, I did not ‘replace’ you with shell. My reasoning for selecting shell and miss snopes is stated quite plainly in the post at Jul-17-2017 02:39. However, I’ll repeat the relevant part of it here:

“The players that I currently have most confidence in as being RESISTANCE are: miss snopes and shell marple. I can also have 100% confidence in my own allegiance as RESISTANCE therefore will include myself on the team. I still agree with the doubts that have been expressed in regard to Bela, Sal and Aspen (to varying degrees). I must therefore choose between Ty and Sindy. It’s a coin toss. “

I didn’t suspect you as a spy. You were not ‘rejected’. You and Sindy were very much in-the-middle from my perspective. I didn’t have any particularly strong feelings about your allegiance, either of you either way. Therefore it was a ‘coin toss’ decision.

You also say “The reason is what you were thinking about the last many yes votes that spy just gives up without any strong reason.”

I haven’t said this at all, Ty - where on earth did you get that from? My post at Jul-16-2017 13:34 gives my thoughts on the 6-1 YES vote to the last mission team proposal. And I certainly didn’t say what you are suggesting.

On another note, I feel its a while since we’ve heard from a player or two. It would be nice to hear their views.

Zara Bande
Zara Bande
Bounty Hunter

Jul-18-2017 01:18

And I think that the NO votes to this mission proposal will go a long way to revealing (confirming?) who the spies are.


Jul-18-2017 04:54

Zara, from the post of Theodora "Therefore only one spy has voted YES here. And this may well be a ploy to hide their allegiance and get on the mission team that needs two SABOTAGE votes. And that mission (no 4) is the next one up.", As I understand, you meant that the spy were taking risk at the 3rd mission to get the fourth and the final? Or what did you mean? If so, I must say that is a lame reason, Zara. As I said before, if the last team shell proposed had no spy and a spy just say yes to that team to be successful means that the spy will highly possibly lose the game. So there is no reason for them to do that if they can think thoroughly. I must say the way you gave that reason turns out that you are very eager to let that team perform the mission. Why? I think people have the answer.

And I don't mean that you replaced me by shell intentionally. But whatever, you must agree with me that the team you proposed and the team shell proposed differ by me and shell, right? That's what I meant to say. And that's why I said "I think I can believe shell". That means the replacement is not a problem. What I meant is if the last proposed team had 1 spy and now that you proposed a new team with almost the same members except me replaced by shell means I am that spy. Does it make sense?

And since I KNOW 100% myself as a resistance and I BELIEVE that the last proposed team had a spy, do you think I should approve this team?

And you didn't give me any strong reason why you strongly believe on snopes? Give a specific reason so we can consider your thought. Or you just FEEL it? Or, you KNOW it?

Zara Bande
Zara Bande
Bounty Hunter

Jul-18-2017 05:14

Ty, let’s not be naive. Spies have to hide who they are. They do so in all manner of ways. The way I suggested was one of them. And that strategy has happened before in other games of The Resistance.

You say: “What I meant is if the last proposed team had 1 spy and now that you proposed a new team with almost the same members except me replaced by shell means I am that spy. Does it make sense? “

That’s a big *if*, Ty. We have no way of knowing (since the team was rejected) if that team had a spy or not. And no, it doesn’t make sense. When you have two players that you can’t make up your mind about what else is there to do but take a chance on one or the other? I can’t select both of you. It could just as easily have been Sindy who was excluded. Would you be complaining then?

It’s odd that you talk of people going by their feelings or hunches etc when that is basically what you are doing with your *belief* that the last team proposed had a spy on it. I want to believe that you are RESISTANCE, Ty. But all this wailing and complaining seems like a big smokescreen at present.

The Announcer
The Announcer

Jul-18-2017 06:20

The results of the vote on Zara's MISSION 3 TEAM 2 Proposal are in.

Zara proposed a team of
-miss snopes

The mission proposal has been REJECTED by a vote of 4-4. The votes are as follows.

Sal Iva NO
Tyranomaster3 NO
Sleuth Sindy YES
AspenK NO
Bela Talbot III NO
shell marple YES
Zara Bande YES
miss snopes YES

Leadership will now move on to miss snopes, unless shell wishes to use STRONG LEADER.

After that has been decided, will the next leader please propose a team of four people. Then everyone must PM me "Mission 3, Team 3: YES/NO" within 24 hours after the proposal. You all know how it goes. :)

shell marple
shell marple
Con Artist

Jul-18-2017 06:57

Go right ahead Missy. Good luck with your team. It seems very difficult to get any team approved and going on a mission.

I agree with Missy that we seem to be a very analytical group and we really need to continue the conversations. This I'm not talking because I'm frustrated approach will only help the spies.

I'll say more once I sort it all out. There is alot to go through and even though I know my talking points, I don't want to misquote anyone, or connect a remark or action to the wrong person.


Jul-18-2017 07:31

Zara, I didn't believe without strong reason. Please read all of my post since I used NO CONFIDENCE. I made a very long analysis there. So please let me know: You don't see that the analysis I made logical? Or what else you are thinking? I cannot get what is going on with your thought, Zara.

By the way, and you still don't want to let me know why you strongly believe miss snopes? Why?

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