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Ascent of the Phoenix is Hiring!!!

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Feb-19-2017 12:18

Ascent of the Phoenix is looking for a new (or old) recruit to join our ranks. As an active treasure hunting agency we're looking for someone who plays regularly and is willing to help out on hunts.

We're looking for someone who either has the Tailor contact in Delhi or who doesn't have a Physical Evidence contact and is willing to try and get the Tailor contact.

As our agency is based in Delhi obviously you will need to be prepared be based in Delhi (we will help with relocation costs especially if you're new).

From us you can expect a welcoming atmosphere and plenty of help if you're new to get you started. We will also help equip you if you need it and help you on cases which you are stuck.

We do not charge rent but contributions are welcomed to keep the agency afloat.

For more info message either myself or Autumnsprings.

One last thing: Please remember you Must Be Subscribed to join any agency :)

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