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Free to Play 2016 / 17
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Safety Officer

Dec-20-2016 01:10


Free to Play is LIVE!

And, so far so good... well done Ben and Yeti!

This is mostly just a big thank you to the whole player community, but if it convinces a few fence sitters to become paying members later, that's even better.

A few details:

* Un-subscribed players will be able to travel to travel to London, Shanghai and Delhi

* If they are able to complete the in-game requirements, they will also be able to visit Shangri-La and Cairo

* Un-subscribed players will get 6 daily cases. You also have access to all the Scripted Mysteries (as long as you meet the EXP requirements).

* You will still need to subscribe if you want to join a detective agency.

* As Yeti has said in the other thread, holiday costumes are LIVE! Mmmm red and shiny just like bloo... err Christmas! Not only are they uber statted for the F2P period they also have the travel kit bonus applied. Time to start trying for that one day VH!

Also, for our wonderful paying subscribers: Everybody with a current subscription on 12/20 will get a full month added to their subscription for free.

If I've forgotten anything I'm sure Yeti will chip in.


Squirrel Out!


Ellie Cushion
Ellie Cushion
Pinball Pro

Dec-21-2016 10:22

Dam thats a shame especially for a regular player amd subscriber, especially now the exchange rates have worsened

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Dec-22-2016 07:34



Dec-22-2016 12:43

That damned Brexit!

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