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Sleuth Olympics First Week's Activities
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Pinball Amateur

Aug-2-2016 17:29

The Arch Villain Hunt

Choose two detectives from your team. Those two players will do an Arch-Villain hunt, with the usual rules applying for a tournament. Both detectives have until Wednesday, August 10, to capture their villains. Hunters may travel up to Shangri-La the previous night (Wednesday, August 3), but ANYONE who starts a hunt before Thursday, 12:00, SST, will be disqualified (so make VERY sure you don't do it). Scores will be determined on a team basis, and by days, not time (people overseas won't have to be up at odd hours of the night to deal with Server times this way). Anyone traveling through Cairo MUST either post it on the boards, or send a PM to Riza or Breit announcing that they are (we WILL be verifying that). Sidekick cases are banned, as usual. Apartment and Agency gear is legal. If, for some reason, there are technical issues with the servers, all hunters will be given extra time to complete their hunts.

An individual hunter's number of days will be counted up, added to his/her teammate's number of days, and the lowest combined sum will be the winner. The first TEAM to capture their villains will receive 10 points. Second team to capture will receive 7. Third will receive 5, and fourth will receive 3. All teams receive 3 participation points each for each AV hunter on their team (I.E. - 6 points total).

If, for some reason, you guess wrong, and fail a hunt, DO NOT QUIT. Go back to Shangri-La and start over. BOTH members of the team must capture in order to receive placement points. So keep going (even if you takes you four times, voice of experience talkin' here ;-).

The Cairo Scavenger Hunt

For the other two detectives from your team, you will be going to Cairo (big surprise there ;-). You need to complete ten favors from EACH of the townspeople in Cairo, in no particular order. Once you have completed a favor from a townsperson, you MUST make a screenshot at the end (completion) of the favor, like this:


Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Aug-10-2016 11:31

The results of Week 1's Villain Hunt competition are in! First, let's take a look at the individual players' day counts, with deductions for Cairo where applicable:

DevilishWings 3-1= [2]
Keira Ann [3]
Mortimer Maze 4-1= [3]
Sophie4 4-1= [3]
Sal Iva 4-1=[3]
Autumnsprings 5-1= [4]
CodeRed007 5-1= [4]
Sleuth Sindy 7-1= [6]

Now, the team day totals and rankings:

First Place: Chariots of Fire [5] (13 points)
Second Place TIE: Rick's Cafe Americain [7] and Feminine Assassins [7] (10 points)
Third Place: A Race to Adventure [9] (8 points)

Great job, everyone!


The results of Week 1's Haiku competition are also in! The other judges and I had a difficult time ranking these haikus, and there was a lot of back and forth, as the poems were all unique and good in their own ways. In the end, a lot of it came down to the small details. (The other judges have requested to remain anonymous, but I will say they are active and well-known contributors on the boards.)

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Aug-10-2016 11:32

I am pleased to announce:

First Place: Rick's Cafe Americain (13 points)
Judges' comments:
- Rick's haikus were carefully researched and thought out, and stuck to the haiku format. They were enjoyable to read because they presented little-known facts.
- Rick's brought attention to aspects of the Olympics outside of winning, such as acts of kindness and friendship.
- Rick's haikus were well-researched, beautifully written, and most importantly, sum up the values of the Olympics- life, friendship, and endurance over time.
- Their use of imagery was exceptional.

Second Place: A Race to Adventure (10 points)
Judges' comments:
- Race to Adventure brought focus to topics less addressed in the Olympics: athletes who don't win, and those who were often ignored
-The second haiku is grounded nicely in history, and the haiku about the Special Olympics was inspirational.
- The syllable count of the second line of the second haiku is off, and it is not grammatically correct

Third Place: Feminine Assassins (8 points)
Judges' comments:
- Feminine Asssassins first haiku is humorous and joins the in-game competition to the real thing, something no other team has done.
- The second haiku has excellent imagery and allows the reader to feel like he/she is really there
-The third haiku is a bit repetitive word-wise

Fourth Place: Chariots of Fire (6 points)
Judges' comments:
- Chariot's haikus have a strong theme of international unity and goodwill
- Chariots portrayed competition as a positive force, allowing for the creation of bonds.
- There were several issues with the flow and syllable counts of the haikus.

Congratulations to all the participants! I know many of you struggled with writing haikus, but you did an excellent job and really showed your Olympic spirit. :D


Aug-10-2016 12:10

I am pleased to see that once more we embody the true spirit of the Olympics that participation trumps victory :)


Aug-10-2016 13:37

I proudly wear my
scrap metal haiku medal
better luck next year

Super Steeper

Aug-10-2016 13:42

I created a multi-stanza haiku for our team. In the end, there was some dispute if it was "legal" or not, so we did not submit it. However, in the interest of sharing our creativity, here it is:

Here for Olympic
Glory, Feminine Assassins
Arrive on the scene

CodeRed lights the torch
Salutes the UK flag and
Waves the others on

Sharpshooter Keira,
Archerer Bonanza and
Boxing Ms Helen

One-by-one release
Bullets, arrows and charged fists
And win gold medal

Obtained Olympic
Glory. Feminine Assassins
Here to close the case.

Sultry De Mon
Sultry De Mon
Con Artist

Aug-10-2016 14:59

That is really great CodeRed007. Very creative.

I tried really hard to talk my team into using this haiku

My daughter watches
Olympic beach volleyball
I blame anime

I just don't get why the others got chosen . ; )

With such writing skills my team doesn't need competitors, I can take em down single handed.


Aug-10-2016 15:03

Congratulations to all the teams for their awesome Haiku's - I bet it was a difficult job for the judges to choose, but when that happens, it all comes down to nitpicking on the smaller details and differences...

And I can see that Miss de Mon won't have any trouble with the RP - challenge this week, with those writing skills *wink*

Safety Officer

Aug-10-2016 15:08

^ pfft Sultry, THAT was my favourite Haiku by far!


Aug-10-2016 15:12 - Oh my... the mysterious Terrence Zorn has made his appearance with an inside article of the Sleuth Olympics. I bet City News ain't going to be happy with this...


Aug-10-2016 16:38

Also, I think I'll hang into Rick's Cafe a bit longer... they have some good music there :)

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