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Sleuth Olympics First Week's Activities
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Pinball Amateur

Aug-2-2016 17:29

The Arch Villain Hunt

Choose two detectives from your team. Those two players will do an Arch-Villain hunt, with the usual rules applying for a tournament. Both detectives have until Wednesday, August 10, to capture their villains. Hunters may travel up to Shangri-La the previous night (Wednesday, August 3), but ANYONE who starts a hunt before Thursday, 12:00, SST, will be disqualified (so make VERY sure you don't do it). Scores will be determined on a team basis, and by days, not time (people overseas won't have to be up at odd hours of the night to deal with Server times this way). Anyone traveling through Cairo MUST either post it on the boards, or send a PM to Riza or Breit announcing that they are (we WILL be verifying that). Sidekick cases are banned, as usual. Apartment and Agency gear is legal. If, for some reason, there are technical issues with the servers, all hunters will be given extra time to complete their hunts.

An individual hunter's number of days will be counted up, added to his/her teammate's number of days, and the lowest combined sum will be the winner. The first TEAM to capture their villains will receive 10 points. Second team to capture will receive 7. Third will receive 5, and fourth will receive 3. All teams receive 3 participation points each for each AV hunter on their team (I.E. - 6 points total).

If, for some reason, you guess wrong, and fail a hunt, DO NOT QUIT. Go back to Shangri-La and start over. BOTH members of the team must capture in order to receive placement points. So keep going (even if you takes you four times, voice of experience talkin' here ;-).

The Cairo Scavenger Hunt

For the other two detectives from your team, you will be going to Cairo (big surprise there ;-). You need to complete ten favors from EACH of the townspeople in Cairo, in no particular order. Once you have completed a favor from a townsperson, you MUST make a screenshot at the end (completion) of the favor, like this:


Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Aug-9-2016 20:02

The results are in for the Cairo Scavenger Hunt portion of this week's activities. Please keep in mind that scores for every event are a combination of placement points and participation points (3 points per team).

Without further ado:

First Place: Rick's Cafe Americain (13 points)
Second Place: Chariots of Fire (10 points)
Third Place: Feminine Assassins (8 points)
Fourth Place: A Race to Adventure (6 points)

There were very distinct gaps of time between entries, so no harrowing down-to-the-second stuff. :)

Great job, everyone!

The results for the Villain Hunt portion and the haiku portion will be up tomorrow. As a reminder, teams have about 4 hours left to submit their haikus.

Pinball Amateur

Aug-9-2016 20:30

Way to go to ALL the teams!! ;-D

I know the Cairo hunt was harder than it looked, so I'm proud of everyone for slugging it out with the Cairo townies!! Good going!! ;-)

I'm looking forward to seeing all of the haikus, and the Finish Line for the AV hunt!! Go Teams!! ;-D

Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Bounty Hunter

Aug-9-2016 21:13

Olympic challenge
Hope. Failing Hope. Defeat. Pain.
No solace is found

The new Aryan man
Jesse Owens four gold medals
Hitler's lie exposed

Special Olympics
I can be a hero too
Watch me, see me win

Safety Officer

Aug-9-2016 21:16

Booyah Rick's... oh wait I'm impartial again now... I mean good job everyone.


Aug-9-2016 21:28


Ladies and gentlemen, madames et monsieurs, meine Damen und Herren, the haikus from Chariots of Fire ...

''Countries will compete
each other to win gold medals
all in good spirit''

''Five rings together
Athletes compete full circle
to heal the world''

''Chase olympic dreams
pray for hope, world peace''

Pinball Amateur

Aug-9-2016 21:35

Great job to Rick's, Race, and Chariots!! Those are wonderful haikus!! ;-D

Rick's, I like the ducks, and the history references. ;-)

Race, I like the reference to the spirit of the Olympics, and the Special Olympics (they are a part of the Olympics, which many people tend to forget), so thank you for that!! ;-)

Chariots, I like the theme of peace and the Olympic slogan that you used in yours. ;-)

Glad I don't have to judge this!! ;-D

Good luck!! ;-D

Keira Ann
Keira Ann

Aug-9-2016 22:18

The Sleuth Olympics
just like the real Olympics
but less physical

Glistening blue hue
Pool ready to dive into
Splash, stroke, swim ensues

O Olympic Flame
ALit in Olympia
The Flame a Symbol

*United we play, United we win. Feminine but deadly*

Con Artist

Aug-10-2016 02:15

Squirrel. I love you. ❤

Pinball Amateur

Aug-10-2016 02:15

YYYYYAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D


(Love the Sleuth reference, and the flame, Assassins. ;-)



Aug-10-2016 04:38

Congratulations, again, for Rick's Cafe Americain - I can see they're becoming quite the favorite at the moment :)

Also congratulations to the other teams, well done!

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