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Midnight in Karachi
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Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

May-29-2016 18:31

Karachi, 1938

"Darling, whats taking so long? Don't give me another mournful look as though I've saddled you with too many packages." Molly said, tossing a look through her lashes at Edward Carlyle. The handsome ex-agent-- well, on suspension anyway-- was gamely juggling several parcels from the stalls nearby.

"You can't be too cross, half of them are for you." She fluttered her lashes and earned a hesitant smile from Ed. Turning back around, she tossed an aside to her newest companion who sat cheerfully on her shoulder and ran his fingers through her hair.

She called the tiny monkey Beauregard, or Beau for short and had fallen quite in love with him during her sojourn in Delhi. Ed had been somewhat nonplussed at encountering the tiny simian upon his arrival in Delhi at Molly's command.

However, she liked to think that Beau had quite won him over and been nearly instrumental in cheering him up. Well, as much as he could be cheered up. Perhaps all of the loss and sadness had quite been burned out of Molly at various intervals, but she simply couldn't relate to his terrible moping and so fell to cracking jokes in an effort to cheer him. One thing she had sussed out for certain is that Ed was more devoted to their ragtag band than he might usually let on, and seeing this case through was nearly the only thing holding him together at this point.

She turned a corner with Ed close behind, and the pearly white walls of their hotel stretched before them. Checking her gold watch, she chucked Beau on the chin and turned to Ed once more.

"Come, we'll put the packages in my room and then take the motor car to the train station. If my calculations are correct, they'll be on the overnight train coming in today."

"Sounds like a plan." Ed said, letting his gaze linger on Molly's smile a moment longer than usual. Maybe he had a thing for debutantes with monkeys on their shoulder, or maybe he was just glad for the companionship. Who could say?


Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jun-11-2016 00:35

Joseph wondered how Marc was doing. Just then, he saw a figure fell from the roof of the train. He hoped that wasn’t Marc.

Joseph perked his ears as he made out Arielle’s voice. She was talking to the people in the compartment. The door was shut tight and he could hardly make out much through the gap between the door and the floor, just that there were quite a few people inside. He could not shoot through the door as that'd risk hurting Arielle. Joseph took a deep breath and slid the door wide open, with his revolver ready. As soon as he spotted where Arielle sat Joseph started firing, carefully avoiding his daughter. One fatal shot per target. Some figures inside responded quickly and returned fire. Joseph ducked out into hallway, only to put his arm back inside, targeting from his memory. Joseph looked in again and saw one last shadow standing. He shot him in the chest where the heart was. The room then become silent besides the noise of the train.

Joseph quickly grabbed Arielle and led her towards the engine room. “Quick, Marc is trying to stop the train.” He moved ahead dragging his daughter behind him. Just then, he heard Marc calling for him, something about Arielle being there. Joseph and Arielle looked at each other and quickened their pace.

Joseph opened the door to the small compartment where the coal was stored. Marc looked to him with the eyes of a dead man. "What the hell was going on?" Joseph asked. Arielle was next to him.

Marc looked around frantically, as if he was seeing his surroundings for the first time. "It felt so real..." Marc said, his voice trailing off. "Come on" He said trying to change the subject. "Let's stop this train."

Joseph wanted to find out what went on but they suppose that can wait. The two men hurried to the engine room. They knocked the operators out cold. "Now how do you stop this monster?" Marc thought out aloud. Joseph pointed at the large lever at the front and the two pulled the it down together. The train tires screeched loudly but Joseph felt something was wrong. Where was Arielle?


Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jun-11-2016 00:38

Tracing his steps Joseph returned to the boiler room but it was empty. He opened the door to the next compartment and almost fell onto the tracks! The rest of the train cars were separated from the train engine and have stopped dead on the track. The engine cars were also slowing down but there was quite a distance between the two sections.

In the distance a truck approached the passenger coaches and a young female climbed down from the train to greet it. It was Arielle.

"Hey!" Joseph yelled. Arielle turned her head towards the engine train in the distance with an nondescript look. She proceeded to getting on the truck and spoke to the driver, seemingly with authority. Joseph jumped down from the slowly moving train, rolled onto the track, yelling for Arielle all the way. The truck simply drove away.

Joseph ran after the truck until there was nothing left in him. The vehicle disappeared into the hills. Joseph dropped onto the ground and stared into the strange Karachian sky.


Jun-11-2016 05:18


It had taken a few favors and some serious money. But Vulkie finally had a fresh lead, as to the remaining members of the Sphinx Group. She knew there was still a lot of work to be done as to that topic, but with one step at a time, she would get there. She wouldn't rest until the very last person of this illustrious group was taking a dirt nap, preferably six feet under the ground.

Standing in the dark alley opposite the opium den, she took her Colt 1911 out and checked the magazine. It was fully loaded; smirking, she placed the magazine back into her gun and cocked it.

She had been observing the den the whole day; people came by and left at a regular interval, but at this time of the day, not many people were there. But her target was. She had seen him enter the opium den, casting his eyes warily about, as if he were expecting an ambush.

"Little does he know, that I have a surprise planned for him," Vulkie mused. She had already made the preparations for what was about to happen.

The plan was to burst into the den, shoot a few rounds into the ceiling and demand to know where Chin Lao was. From her contacts, she had heard he was a loyal Sphinx member, who had served a long time under Jack. Jack was the second-in-command and, after the detectives had killed the Sphinx Leader, the leader of the Sphinx group. His reign was short, as the detectives made sure to end it right there and then.

But it was far from over. Lao could possibly help her further with finding other remaining members of the group.

Taking out her pocketwatch, she checked the time; it was 11.30 pm.

"Time to do this," Vulkie murmered, before walking over towards the entrance. When she entered the den, she was stopped by a guard, who shouted something in Shanghainese.

Pulling out her gun, she pistol whipped the guard, who dropped down to the ground...


Jun-11-2016 05:31

"WHERE'S LAO!" she yelled, looking around for him. Just then, she saw something from the corner of her eye. Lao had gotten up and made a run for the back entrance. Vulkie immediately chased him into the alley behind the den, tackling him down to the ground.

"Chin Lao, I presume," she smugly said, hoisting him up to his feet. "Don't try anything funny. See this gun here? If I wanted to, I could shoot you down. But you have some information for me, that could be useful to me," Vulkie said. Lao immediately began to talk gibberish, but she knew he could understand her.

"Don't try to pull that chop suey crap on me Lao. I ain't got time for that, and neither do you. Now, be a good boy..." she said, before putting her gun away. She then grabbed a cloth from her purse, which was soaked in chloroform. Grabbing Lao with one arm around his neck, she placed the cloth on his face. Lao struggled for a few moments; it was futile, as the drug could knock a person out within mere seconds...

Just then, a car pulled up at the exit of the alley. Vulkie disposed of the cloth in a nearby garbage bin. A man came out of the car and started running towards her

"Worked out alright, did it not?" he queried, while helping her drag Lao towards the car.

"Yes," she muttered, "but this is just the beginning."

Dropping Lao in the back of the car, Vulkie and the man got into the car and started to drive towards a safehouse nearby...


Jun-11-2016 05:40

(Pardon me. In post 2, there should've been another sentence or two. I'll post that here)

As she entered the next room, she could see the customers lying on small beds, heavily sedated by the opium. While the smell of opium and incense filled her nostrils, she raised her gun into the air and fired a round into the ceiling.

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