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Daily Pub Quiz
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Jan-4-2005 18:37

See if there is interest for this.

1. Each day I will post 10 questions, at random times of the day.
2. Each Quiz runs exactly 24 hours.
3. The first person that has all 10 questions right, wins. Or if no one has all questions right, the best one wins.
4. You can only post answers ONCE for the same quiz.
5. No cash involved. Just glory. :)


Richard King
Richard King

Sep-30-2005 17:39

1. Cinderella sounds about right...
2. -
3. Romeo and Juliet.
4. Dallas Cowboys! ^_^ And New York Yankees.
5. Soccer... or football for you British folk. And Lacrosse! :D
6. -
**What are the capital cities of the following countries?
7. Australia -- Melbourne
8. Canada -- Ottawa :P (red and white)
9. Netherlands (Holland) -- umm... (red, white, blue)
10. One half. o.o
What are the chat drinks of the following people:
a) Dionne Dawson
b) JRiver
c) Tollo
d) Lady Emerald Devon

lmao, no idea. XD

Blueberry Hill
Blueberry Hill
Lucky Stiff

Sep-30-2005 18:04

1. Alice in Wonderland. Yep. That damn pedophile cat!
2. No idea. Daniel in the lion's den, because it has lions, and... yeah.
3. Romeo and Juliet
4. The San Fransisco 49'ers (named after the participants of the 1849 gold rush) and um... the St. Louis Cardinals?
5. Soccer/football and cricket.
6. The Endeavor
7. Canberra? (Blue, red, white)
8. Ottawa (Red, white)
9. Amsterdam (Blue, red, white)
10. Five if they are all wearing seatbelts. (Which they should.)

a) Frisky
b) Shirley Temple
c) Choco Tollo
d) Gavour

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-2-2005 09:25

1. Little Red Riding Hood (Andrea Speeding, Gradbeth)
2.Betrayal/Crucifixion of Christ (Andrea, P.Rockwell)
(Cool points: Blueberry Hill)
3. Romeo and Juliet (everyone but Ted Buggins)
4. (Everyone but Ted)
5. (Everyone but Ted)
6. The Endeavor (Blue)
(Cool points: Andrea and Beth)
7. Capital: Canberra Flag: Red, White and Blue (River, Dionne Dawson,
Andrea, Last Train, Blue)
8. Capital: Ottawa Flag: Red and White (River, Dionne, Andrea, Train,
9. Capital: Amsterdam Flag: Red, White and Blue. (River, Dionne, Train,
10. Take the d out of day and the f out of way.
(Cool points: Dionne, Andrea, Train, Blue)
11. The Frisky (Dionne, Blue)
12. Shirley Temple (Dionne, Blue)
13. ChocoTollo (Dionne, Blue)
14. Gavor (Dionne, Blue)
(Cool points: Andrea, Rockwell)

The names denote who got full marks. 1/2 marks have been given in many
case. Everyone who participated was given cool points.
1. River D
Quiz: 6
Cool points: 140
2. Dionne Dawson
Quiz: 6.5
Cool points: 305
3. Andrea Speeding
Quiz: 7
Cool points 60
4. GradBeth
Quiz: 5
Cool points: 150
5. Last Train
Quiz: 7
Cool points: 30
6. P.Rockwell
Quiz: 6.5
Cool points: 30
7. Ted Buggin
Quiz: 1.5
Cool points: 10
8. Richard King
Quiz: 4.5
Cool points: 10
9. Blueberry Hill
Quiz: 7
Cool points: 95

So the winners are Andrea Speeding, Last Train and Blueberry Hill.


Oct-3-2005 10:57

I had the least cool points of the winning trio, but since it's been over a day I'll go ahead with 10 riddles for the next quiz.

As usual, please don't look up answers...

1) How can a woman in New Jersey, USA legally marry 3 men in the same day (no divorces, no legal separations, no annulments, no deaths, etc).

2) Why do cows wear bells?

3) Jenn is facetious; she is abstemious, she tends to get pneumoia quite easily. Based on these hints, what is her favorite tree found on US soil?

4) 9 team members congratulated each other after a win. Each player shook hands with every other player just once. How many total times did the players shake hands?

5) Before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the world's tallest mountain (measuring only above sea level)?

6) What is the largest possible number you can write using only 2 numerical digits one time each?

7) What is the 'snappiest' snake?

8) Take your total fingers (thumbs included) times your total toes, divided by one half, then added to the number of months in a year. What is the total?

9) A car travels at 30 mph over a certain distance, then returns that same distance at 20 mph. What is the average speed for the total trip?

10) You have just one match on a bitterly cold day. You enter a room that has a lamp, a kerosene heater and a wood-burning stove. Which should you light first?

Some answers are serious, some not so serious, so creativity will be honored.

Andrea Spedding
Andrea Spedding

Oct-3-2005 11:03

Oops, I should have written some questions, but instead for now I'll watch my brain trying to crawl out of my ears figuring out Last Train's...

Andrea Spedding
Andrea Spedding

Oct-3-2005 11:13

1) She marries conjoined triplets.
2) Because they'd look foolish wearing tubas.
3) Douglas Fir
4) 44
5) Mt. Everest :)
6) If you could do HTML on the board, I'd put 8 to the power 9.
7) A garter snake. Terrible :(
8) You make the assumption that I have the normal number of fingers etc. As I am Anne Boleyn, the answer is 72.
9) 24mph. My brain hurts.
10) The match.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-3-2005 11:21

1. If she's a judge/priest or anyone else that is able to marry couples.
2. So they can find themselves in the dark.
3. David Seaman
4. 8
5. Mount Everest
6. 9 to the power of 8 (A nine then a little 8 above it)
7. Houndras City
8. 10x10 = 100 100/1.5= x x+12=y
9. Miles per hour? When was this quiz written?
10. The match.

Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Oct-3-2005 11:56

1) She is a Justice of the Peace or Minister and is officiating the wedding
2) Because their horns donít work (har har har)
3) -
4) 36
5) (another trick question?) Mt Everest
6) 8 to the power of 9
7) A garter snake
8) 62
9) 24mph
10) The match.

Moon Lighter
Moon Lighter

Oct-3-2005 12:06

1) She is the one doing the marrying
3) Sequoia (its a vowel thing) (My dad taught me that one)
4) 8 times each or 72 total
5) ???
6) 9 to the 9th power (Why isnt there a little 9 on here???)
7) ???
8) failed algebra
9) 25mph
10) The Match

Moon Lighter
Moon Lighter

Oct-3-2005 12:10

oh man... i just relazed i could only use the number one time each in question 6. So can i change my answer to 9 to the eigth power?

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