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Detective Biography

It wasn't exactly what I'd have chosen as a career. But a girl on her own has to look after herself, and there arenít that many choices for a girl brought up nice.

I'd had this crazy idea that I was going to expose the dark heart of the city, take on the guys who were really running the show and make 'em clean up their act. Turns out those guys don't need to hide, 'cause they've got the whole place in the palm of their hands.

I'd done this piece about how the real estate office in the middle of town was just a front for the Mob. That went down like a charity girl.

Then there was some shady guy operating out of this dive of a speakeasy, controlling all the crime investigation in the city. I'd never gotten a good look at him, but he had to be a pretty exotic character with a name like Somebody Ben Something, and never seen without his fez.

Well, Mr Big Editor didn't want to see that in his paper. Turns out that Don Mob Boss is not only keeping his paper in advertising with his various money laundering operations, ahem, I mean legitimate business concerns, but he's also bankrolling the Editor's brother to run for Mayor next year.

They'd got everything sewn up nicely. Especially me.

Well, I figured I could beat 'em at their own game. No more little miss nice guy from *this* broad. I put a notice in my window:

PRIVATE EYE : no case too small

and sat back to wait for my first client.


It can do wonders for the figure, waiting for a client around here.


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Tailor (New York)
Music Teacher (New York)
Librarian (London)

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