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Daily Pub Quiz
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Jan-4-2005 18:37

See if there is interest for this.

1. Each day I will post 10 questions, at random times of the day.
2. Each Quiz runs exactly 24 hours.
3. The first person that has all 10 questions right, wins. Or if no one has all questions right, the best one wins.
4. You can only post answers ONCE for the same quiz.
5. No cash involved. Just glory. :)


sushi kitty
sushi kitty

Sep-29-2006 17:19

good quiz breitkat, and delicious. i'll post a quiz in an hour or two...uh, 19:30 sleuth time.

sushi kitty
sushi kitty

Sep-29-2006 18:42

I hope everyone has been reminiscing about the 80's ever since Crunchpatty's 80's thread.
This quiz is about 80's Cartoons. Hit me with your best shot!

1. Give the names of the 5 main Characters from Voltron (american names, nicknames ok)
2. From He-Man, where is the base of Skeletor located?
3. What does Princess Adora say when she wants to transform into She-Ra?
4. From the G.I Joe tv cartoon, name 3 Cobra members
5. What does M.A.S.K. stand for?
6. From the Smurfs, besides Smurfette, name one other female smurf
7. What is the name of the Care Bears' super ability?
8. Name the land where the My Littlle Ponies live?
9. What ability do the Gummi Bears gain by drinking Gummiberry juice?
10. What is the name of Scrooge's ArchNemesis in the Cartoon, DuckTales?
11. From Heathcliff, who was the leader of the Catillac Cats?
12. What is the name of the leader of the Snorks?
13. What was the profession of Morton Fizzback, the antagaonist of Denver, the Last Dinosaur?
14. From the cartoon Jem, what is Jem's real name?
15. What was the name of the cartoon featuring a laser pistol wielding character and his talking techno horse, who live on the planet of New Texas?

Bonus: What Transformer did Sushi Kitty have a crush on?

Emerald Drew
Emerald Drew
Old Shoe

Sep-29-2006 21:38

6. 0
14. Benton, Jerrica Benton

That's all I've

sushi kitty
sushi kitty

Sep-29-2006 23:11

someone said this quiz was really really hard...sorry i made it so hard. i guess i was feeling a little bit jroepel-ish :) or else i watched too many cartoons as a kid and retained waaay too much information!

but try, people. Try! :)

Con Artist

Sep-30-2006 03:00

Sushi! This is a brilliant quiz! Great job.
1. And I used to love voltron too... sob.
2. skull mountain? nah that can't be right.
3. ?
4. I was so into GI Joe it isn't even funny. Can't remember now.
5. ?
6. She was the only one.
7. Care power?
8. ?
9. doesn't it make them bouncy and able to jump really hi?
10. I watched ducktales (ooo ooo) too, can't think of the nemisis's name.
11. ?
12. ?
13. My nephew watches this on boomerang, but I don't know. wanna say paleontologist...?
14. huh?
15. ?

Bonus: Got to be Optimus Prime.

Did you hear they are making a Transformers movie? yeah baby! Fanboys and fangirls unite!

Story Teller

Sep-30-2006 07:22

1. black, red, blue orange and green lions but have no idea of the names of the dudes.
2. Snake Mountain
3. For the honour of Grayskull I am She-Ra...
4. No idea, we didn't really get GI Joe here. But according to Trivial Pursuit which I played last night, when GI Joe came out there were approximately 50 GI Joe toys for every real-life GI Joe.
5. M.A.S.K - mobile armored strike c(k)ommand :s and the other lot were Venom, Viscious Evil Network of Mayhem.
6. lol Sassette
7. see Gummy bears I'm good with, care Bears meh
8. sighs... I actually hope this is wrong... Coz I'm sure I shouldn't know! Dream Valley
9. WOOHOO! They can bounce... just call me Zummi
10. Flintheart? Glomgold (I think I caught him in one of my AV hunts!) otherwsie Beagle Boys
11. ?
12. the who?
13. nope anothery I don't know?
14. Jerrica Benton
15. Bravestarr maybe

Bonus: lol Jazz or Mirage

Story Teller

Sep-30-2006 07:25

wishes he could stop singing... jem truly outrageous, truly, truly, truly, outrageous...

hmmm hey she was right... the music's contagious...

Clara Dark
Clara Dark

Sep-30-2006 10:23

great quiz! some of those cartoons never made it to Poland though... but, here's what I remember:
6. Sassette - and I think there was a nanny there, too
7. the Care Bear Stare
8. Dream Valley
9. bouncing! (love the Gummi Bears :)
12. Allstar Seaworthy

just one question - why aren't there any Ninja Turtles mentioned??? ;)

Emerald Drew
Emerald Drew
Old Shoe

Sep-30-2006 14:31

Jem is her name, no one else is the same, Jem is her name!

I have all the episodes on DVD :-)

sushi kitty
sushi kitty

Sep-30-2006 18:27

I almost left today without posting the answers! Good Job everyone :)
Sorry I could not include all the lovely cartoons of the 80's. I could do a whole quiz on just the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, those crazy heroes in a half shell :) Turtle Power!

1. Wow, I seriously thought this was the easiest one, but oh well : the names of the five members are Keith, Lance, Sven/Allura, Hunk, Pidge. (sven was the original, but he died or something after like the 2nd episode and got replaced by allura)
2. Skeletor's castle was located on Snake Mountain
3. Princess Adora raises her sword and says "for the honor of greyskull, I am She-Ra!"
4. Three Cobra operatives were Cobra Commander, Destro, and Major Bludd.
5. M.A.S.K. stands for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, and yes, they fought the Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem :)
6. This one was tricky; there were actually 2 other females. Sassette, who was manufactured and then made real, pinnocchio style or something, and Nanny smurf who showed up for like, one episode. Good Job, Clara
7. the Care Bear Stare, people, the Care Bear Stare! They're gonna love you so hard it hurts!
8. hehe, Dream Valley. You were spot on, Paranoid :)
9. The Gummi Bears get the ability of Bouncing from drinking Gummiberry juice
10. The ArchNemesis of Scrooge McDuck was Flintheart Glomgold.
11. aww, the leader of the Catillac Cats was Riff Raff, a streetwise and stylin' cat :)
12. the leader of the Snorks was Allstar Seaworthy
13. Morton Fizzback was a concert promoter and wanted to cash in on Denver as a stage act.
14. YEAH! its Jerrica Benton! oooh, i want the Jem DVD's!
15. yes, it was Bravestarr! i can't believe someone actually got this one. You rock, Paranoid, you tv addict :)

Bonus: Yes, I had a crush on Optimus Prime, as I mentioned on Crunch's 80's thread :)

Winner is Paranoid Android, with 9 correct! Hey, can I come over to your house on Saturday morning and watch cartoons with you :)

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