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Daily Pub Quiz
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Jan-4-2005 18:37

See if there is interest for this.

1. Each day I will post 10 questions, at random times of the day.
2. Each Quiz runs exactly 24 hours.
3. The first person that has all 10 questions right, wins. Or if no one has all questions right, the best one wins.
4. You can only post answers ONCE for the same quiz.
5. No cash involved. Just glory. :)


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-31-2006 11:01

1. Alias.
2. See Greyling's answer.
3. I agree with Greyling except for "Managing the moderators". That should read "Managing Nicole".
4. On his head in a room in Nikkie's House where he is currently held "hostage" although that Helsinki Sydrome thingamegigee should be kicking in by now.
5. Paranoid Android.
6. The drink of the Green Fairy* as played by Kylie Minogue (had to IMBD Moulin Rouge to find how to spell Minogue!)
7. Prayer towards Mecca five times daily, only eat halah meat, no alcohol or any mind-influencing substances, a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime and fast .
8. *laughs* I live on IMDB and the trivia page is my favourite. OJ Simpson was considered too sweet and nice to be a Cyborg Killin' Machine!
9. UPS or UPC or whatever that company is that I keep calling UPS!
10. Whatever one has Alias!

*Ab (crap I can't spell this word either!) sinthe? Absince?

sushi kitty
sushi kitty

Jul-31-2006 11:41

1. ?
2. sorry, i'm in america. all i know of Eurovision is from Father Ted.
3. i'd say D) Advertisement guru
4. ?
5. ?
6. Absinthe
7. Shahadah - witness/profess your faith. Salah - prayer, 5x daily. Zakat - money to the poor. Ramadan - fasting during the holy month. Hajj - pilgrimage to Mecca.
8. OJ was considered for the role of the terminator? ha ha ha.
9. McDonalds?
10. ?

Safety Officer

Jul-31-2006 16:48

1. lol Hudson HAwk, it's a crap movie but I love that bit.
2. Used to have to song in your native language (or if multi-lingual take your pick) now oyu can sing in English.) hehe Eurovision is gr8.
3. How naughty is the monkey that it needs to be spanked? All of the above?
4. ?
5. lol my 15 'seconds' of fame. Paranoid_Android
6. ?
7. Profess faith in God, Pray, Fast (Ramadan), Pay alms, Pilgrimage (to Mecca)
8. repeats exactly what sushi kitty said...
9. Golden Arches
10. MTV?

Safety Officer

Jul-31-2006 17:32

op and hey Greyling's back. :) sorry just noticed *oops*

Serena Siren
Serena Siren

Aug-1-2006 01:21

1. No clue
2. ???
3. All of the above
4. You mean Sleuth doesn't count as real life?
5. Paranoid_Android (Love you SS)
6. ?
7. Prey 5 times daily, Fast, Alms, Pilgrimage to Mecca, ? on the 5th
8. I'll be back...Wasn't as effective without the accent.
9. Mcdonald's
10. I want my MTV, baby, yeah!!! Began on August 1, 1981.

Pinball Amateur

Aug-1-2006 02:59

1. Not a clue.
2. It used to be when I saw it that the contestants had to sing a song in the language of their native country. Dunno what the rules are currently though. It's been a few years since I've seen it.
3. I'm guessing all of the above, but they have a monkey??
4. On Ben's head?? Can't someone ask the poor chap??
5. Neurotic Robot, aka. Paranoid Android.
6. Absinthe?
7. Praying several times a day, making a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a person's lifetime, alms to those less fortunate than you, seeing to guests' needs before your own?
8. again, not a clue. (not entirely sure I want to know either.)
9. Sounds like half the companies I've ever heard of that want to stay in business. I'll go with recent answers and say McDonalds.
10. MTV


Aug-1-2006 09:11

Uh I think Secret won???? With the first one to have 5 right answers. Or did I just proclaim the wrong winner? I am surprised that everybody is that stupid......KIDDING!!!!! lol.

1. Hudson Hawke

2. Language rules that have been changed a few times is the one if you can only sing in your native language, or sing in another language. Singing in native language only does bring a disadvantage to countries with a language no one speaks and doesn't sound as good as other languages.

3. The question was her MAIN job outside of admin, this would be answer B, spanking the monkey. Ben does all the other jobs. Though Sunny can be considered the second in command/authority also where it goes community and mods. When Sleuth is down, and people see Sunny online and want to alert Ben (who is not online) that something is wrong, they tell her about it. The task at hand she calls "spanking the monkey", monkey obviously being Ben. I don't think Sunny doesn't get involved in advertising. She does play as an advisor to mods and answers their questions, it's Ben that does the management of them. Sunny doesn't pick up phones. Only one person has ever called the phone number of the Sleuth helpdesk.

4, No one knows where Ben's Fez is, not even Ben. I asked Ben to bring the Fez to Amsterdam, so I could recognize him meeting up. :) Ben regretfully got rid of the Fez years ago, and doesn't know where it is.

5. Paranoid Android (Secret and Paranoid, are my two favorite detective names in sleuth incidentally.)

6. Absynthe.

7. Shahadah - witness/profess your faith. Salah - prayer, 5x daily. Zakat - money to the poor. Ramadan - fasting during the holy month. Hajj - pilgrimage to Mecca.

8. Passed over for the role of the terminator because producers feared he wouldn't be taken seriously.

9. McDonalds (though LED, UPC is just as warped in terms of their "vision" and "mission")

10. MTV (Happy birthday MTV!!!!)

Becky :)
Becky :)

Aug-1-2006 13:29

i wod die witout mtv....

Safety Officer

Aug-1-2006 16:11

me: are you sure...? ok well I'll come up with something in the next hour...

Safety Officer

Aug-1-2006 17:31

OK there’s 15 :s but I thought I’d give you a bit of everything…

Same as before, the line is a hint to the Detective’s name.

1. After a hard night on the town, you might call her for help.
2. She could dance on pointe, but accidents happen… now she’s back from the dead.
4. It sounds like a nice place to visit when it’s hot. (If nothing else we could shade beneath her hat…)

Picking up from where RC left off, name the books these (bits of) first lines come from:

4. The Mole had been working very hard all the morning, spring- cleaning his little home.
5. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…
6. One thing was certain, that the white kitten had had nothing to do with it: - it was the black kitten's fault entirely…

Which movie did these quotes come from:

7. Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape. (and no this is not a quote from Sunny whilst she 'spanks the monkey'…)
8. X: "I'm gonna bust you up, Y: "Go for it."
9. I’ll be back.

EUROVISION MUSIC … what no Idol questions :p

10. What song did Abba win the Eurovision song contest with, in 1974.
11. And, what country won Eurovision this year?
12. Who was higher up the leader-board this year, Croatia, Denmark or United Kingdom?


13. Which American Crime novelist, creator of character Mike Hammer, died on July 17 2006.
14. (Ok so this is music but) Speaking of hammers, in the Song if “If I were a carpenter”, what was one of the other professions mentioned?
15. and… what’s an ‘adze’.

One day I’ll work out a way to have an Agency Trivia night lol…

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