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Old Shoe

Sep-9-2013 23:45

I was sure that it was impossible to get a false accusation and now i supply clear evidence that the game make mistakes (unfortunately huge mistakes)

The Unique Case of the Ancient Room

Victim: Landry Belle, age 27
Difficulty: Incredibly hard
Favor For: Priest
Politics: La Cosa Nostra (Positive)
Order of Socrates (Negative)

Physical Evidence
1. Footprint from a slim person
2. Thread from female's clothes (Ruth Belle)
3. Handwriting from someone who is right handed
4. Hair from someone with curly hair

5. Ruth Belle
I needed to keep moving forward with my investigation, so I figured it was as good a time as any to pay a visit to the victim's Sister, Ruth Belle. She extended her left hand to greet me and we exchanged pleasantries. She was a slim, rather arrogant woman; even the way she brushed a curly hair off her shoulder rubbed me the wrong way.

Motive: Victim Forgot Birthday
Alibi: Banker (fake)

The Unique Case of the Ancient Room
Nope. That's wrong. The real killer was Nora Abbott.

You falsely accused an innocent woman. There was no physical or witness evidence to indicate that Ruth was the murderer. The Priest, Manfred Gesling is very disappointed that you weren't able to solve the mystery. If you falsely accuse three people, your detective's license will be taken, and you'll be out of a job.


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Sep-14-2013 05:28

S.S. I'd never trust anyone who did ;)

Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter

Sep-15-2013 07:31

The Shady Dance - solve cases to pay Shady, only to find the price has increased as a result of the experience gained from solving cases - has always been a source of frustration. I've found myself spending a month or so cranking case after case at the easy level and counting only on the income from favor items to settle my debts.

Of course, one could play the ponies instead... gambling to pay off mob debts always works out in the movies y'know.

Wilfred Bukowski
Wilfred Bukowski
Sleuth About Town

Sep-15-2013 14:38

Oh, haha! It's funny, you see, because you misspelled a word! You meant to write "never works" and, instead, your wrote "always works", haha! Don't worry, I reckon it's a common typo.

Safety Officer

Sep-15-2013 20:07

I personally extorted err earned money from players writing intro's for them for a competition we had :) I have NO shame.

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