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Nemesis Hunts
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Sep-9-2012 23:12

I am happy to announce that the latest expansion to Sleuth: Noir, the Nemesis Hunt, is officially live as of 23:00 server time on September 9th, 2012. That is a full hour AHEAD of the scheduled update time, so first off let me start by thanking Ben for everything he has done to enable this expansion from day 1. He has been very open and supportive in this endeavor, and none of this could have been done without him. So thank you, Ben.

Now, on to the good stuff... how do nemesis hunts work?

If you have captured 3 or more Arch-Villains (10 starting October 1st), you are able to start a Nemesis Hunt. The first step is to head to Shangri-La and talk to the Prince.

...and that is the only step I will give you.

Good luck everyone! There is a special achievement on the line for the first person to capture a Nemesis, so get to it...


miss snopes
miss snopes
Special Deliverance

Jan-17-2017 12:58

I'm going to try to ask this without spoiling a part of the game.

While trying to complete a task on my nemesis hunt, I have asked a question that was a part of a certain achievement I attained years ago here in sleuth. The answer given to me has begun that certain task over again even though I have already obtained this particular theme. Could this be a part of the nemesis hunt or is this just a part of the game that will let you follow this particular line of questioning as many times as you start it? (The mission/task updates are happening on my detective page while the nemesis task has remained the same).

I know this is probably confusing so if you have specific questions to help give me an answer, pm me please. Thank you!

Con Artist

Jan-17-2017 13:34

PM sent.

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