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Proud of Myself


Aug-13-2012 09:28

I just wanted to share what happened when I was playing a favor last night. Considering what I had to work with, I'm proud that I managed to complete it!

It started out fine. I searched the crime scene and got a female thread, a slim footprint, and two notes written by someone right handed. I ascertained that the initial suspect had a fake alibi and got the names of two additional suspects from her. That's where it started to go downhill.

I failed to sweet talk either of the additional suspects into saying anything to me, and they both clammed up. Not a huge problem. I went and talked to the townies and got another name. I asked for her alibi and went to check it. This was a stupid move on my part. I should have gotten more names first. Anyway, after determining that her alibi was real I went to question her about more suspects, only to discover that she'd been killed. Back to the townies, but this time around they either knew nothing about my case or gave me names I already had.

So, after exhausting the townies, I'm left with four suspects. One is dead, two won't talk to me, and one has already told me everything she knows. I wasn't ready to give up though. I talked to my tailor contact about the thread, and found it belonged to one of the clams. However my fake alibi person didn't have any reason to suspect her, so I certainly wasn't going to accuse! Still not giving up, I matched the slim footprint to the other clam, but again no WE, so no accusing on this one either.

Now I'm left with two notes written by a right handed person. They have to either belong to my fake alibi or someone I don't have as a suspect. Forging ahead I check the first note. It belongs to someone I don't have. Moving on, I check the second note, and it actually belong to my fake alibi! I go accuse and complete the favor!

I know there was luck involved, but I'm still pretty proud that I solved the case considering the people in my suspect pool!


Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Aug-13-2012 10:55

Don't you just love it when you manage to solve a case like that....I have been known to start 'whoop whooping' out loud when I've managed it hehe, :D

Pinball Amateur

Aug-14-2012 21:22

Have you bought a lottery ticket recently?? Might wanna consider it....;-)

Good job on a whopper of a case!! ;-D


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