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Contest: Sleuth Trivia (Part 2)
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Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Aug-1-2012 20:58

…And I’m back with more questions about Sleuth! For those of you who were around for part 1, these questions may be just as hard or even harder.

Think you know everything there is to know about Sleuth Noir? Prove it. Anyone is eligible to participate. If there are at least 10 interested participants, then this contest will go forward. You MUST post here to be considered eligible. Signups will be open from now until 23:59 server time on August 8, 2012. Questions will be posted on August 9, 2012 at 10:00 server time. A little brain exercise is always fun, no? :)

Format: 20 questions of varying difficulty and length, which will be posted below should there be sufficient interest. You must attempt to find the correct answers to all questions, numbered in order. Multiple-part answers must be labeled with letters, and the answers must appear in the correct order to answer the question.

The last day for entry submission is August 16. The names of the winner(s) will be posted on August 17, assuming that at least one/two people have submitted winning entries by then. After the announcement post has been made, you are all free to discuss the answers. I fully expect these questions to take some time; however, I do not underestimate your skills. ;)

The most correct entry wins first place, and the second most correct entry will win second place. *Should someone should get all the answers correct, the first prize amount will be increased by $250,000 Sleuth Dollars.* Quickness of entry submission shall be used as a tiebreaker if needed. Only one entry per detective is allowed (the first entry), and no second detectives are allowed. It is in your best interest not to share answers, as all answers can be found on this site.

Prizes: First Place: $500,000 Sleuth Dollars (or more). Second Place: $250,000 Sleuth Dollars.


Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Aug-17-2012 12:55


1. Avatars
a. 100 x 78 pixels
b. Sepia
c. November 7, 2009
d. Secret_Squirrel

2. Treasure Hunting
a. 6 more favors
b. 5000 fame points
c. 3 Treasure Hunts

3. International Competition
a. Commonwealth Gamers
b. Secret_Squirrel, Cordelia Falco, Coco Cola
c. 59
d. A key to the Prince’s Palace in Shangri-La

4. Villains
a. Chelsea Bando
b. Sleuth Admin
c. September 8, 2006
d. No

5. Retirement
a. 10,311,300 experience points
b. -10 experience
c. $549,718

6. Ghost Agencies
a. 5 agencies
b. Grapevine Agency, the Mausoleum, Ordo Tenebrae, Plato Investigations, Starnes and Assoc.

7. Sleuthy Math
41*5+51-10= [246]

8. Money Matters
a. $135,795
b. $650,000
c. $290,458

9. Customer Service
a. Sleuth Admin
b. Questions and Answers
c. 206-788-7515

10. Socializing
a. 6 areas
b. New York: Tricky Mister Bar; London: Owl and Walnut; Shanghai: The Ritz Bar; Delhi: Taj Masion Bar; Cairo: Coffea Arabica; Sleuthetania: The Albatross Lounge

11. Random Things
a. Black
b. Boston Crème Donut
c. Violet Parr
d. Sir William Weine

12. Scripted Mysteries
a. quit
b. (answer withheld for spoiler purposes)
c. (answer withheld for spoiler purposes)

13. Agencies
a. 4 ranks
b. Rookie, Agent, Officer, Director
c. 32

14. The First
a. Brass Knuckles
b. Detective Store/Shop

15. Twists
a. 150%
b. Miss Dalia Ziad

16. Apartments
a. 1 apartment
b. 5 cities
c. New York: Empire Heights; London: Doyle Estates; Shanghai: New Orient Towers; Delhi: Bengal Flats; Cairo: Sahara Suites

17. New Detectives
a. 6 archetypes
b. $100
c. 20 skill points

18. Cases
a. 1 piece of evidence
b. 61,440+2,560= 64,000 experience points
c. 80 experience

19. Semi-Secret Things
a. (answer withheld for spoiler purposes)
b. (answer withheld for spoiler purposes)
c. (answer withheld for spoiler purposes)

20. Arch Villain Hunts
a. $48,000
b. $64,000
c. 5 clues
d. 4 cities

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Aug-17-2012 12:55

I know how hard you all worked to hunt down those answers. To everyone who submitted an entry or attempted to answer the questions, be proud of your efforts. Whether to you this quiz was a refresher, a mental challenge, a time-filler, or a chance for cash, I hope you all had fun.

And now you moment you’ve all been waiting for: the results!

There were several tricky questions in here, and nobody managed to get all of the questions correct. But one person did get very close.

The first place winner of Sleuth Trivia is... *drumroll*

Ms Helen!

Congratulations on your amazing research skills and vast knowledge of all things Sleuth-related. You had the highest score of all the entrants by a landslide. I will send you your $500,000 prize shortly.

The second place winner of Sleuth Trivia is… *drumroll*

Andrew Corelli!

Congratulations to you as well! I can tell you worked really hard trawling those boards. (I think you were the only one to get questions 9A and 9B correct, haha.) I will send you your $250,000 prize shortly.

An honorable mention goes out to rugby101, a relative newbie who attempted and correctly answered quite a few questions. Rugby, for your dedication and hard work, I will be sending you a small prize as well.

I hope this little trivia game allowed you all to learn more about the various aspects of Noir and provided you with a bit of brain-challenging fun. Thanks to all for playing. :)

Andrew Corelli
Andrew Corelli

Aug-17-2012 16:54

Congratulations Ms Helen.
And thank you, Riza, this was another chance to explore this wonderful community.

Assistant Postman

Aug-17-2012 17:38

Congrats Everyone! :)


Aug-18-2012 07:39

thank you so much riza it was really fun i had a great time have to go to family reunion today so will be back probably monday take care


Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Aug-18-2012 12:30

Eeeeek, in all my years of playing Sleuth I've never won anything so quite giddy now :D

Congrats to everyone who took part and thank you Riza it was a lot of fun remembering a tiny amount of Sleuth's history.


Aug-19-2012 10:21

Well done, all! Riza, thank you for hosting this even and highlighting Sleuth History!

Pinball Amateur

Aug-19-2012 21:34

Congratulations, Ms. Helen and Andrew, and Good Job Everyone for all your hard work!! Thanks especially to Riza for hosting!! ;-D


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