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Mystery aboard the Sleuthetania

Summer Daze
Summer Daze
Freedom Fighter

Jul-28-2012 14:47

On checking with the jovial First Mate on the upper deck I found that we were still ' a day out from Shanghai'. However, near the end of my next case, when I clicked on the Case tab to review the info, I found ....the normal case menu. A check on the Map tab left me disoriented and confused.

I had suddenly and unceremoniously been dumped in Shanghai mid-case! What is going on here? That's no way to treat passengers who have paid $20K for a luxury trip and superb service. I guess you just can't get good staff these days - even in a fictional world.

Plus the case itself just seemed to disappear. I had neither solved nor quit. Curioser and curioser.


Kell Dewclaw
Kell Dewclaw
Super Steeper

Jul-28-2012 14:56

This has been a problem forever. When the boat docks, they're pretty serious about, "EVERYONE GET OFF." Any unfinished business remains unfinished and unrecoverable.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jul-28-2012 15:04

Look at the bright side, Summer: 's good you didn't find yourself in the waters.

Summer Daze
Summer Daze
Freedom Fighter

Jul-28-2012 15:11

Lol! So this has been going on for some time? Well that makes me feel slightly better :) Just another one of those oddities that crop up here and there in Noir like um ..

- oh well I guess I'd better not say ;)

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