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Mack's Charity Drive: Fake $ for Real
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Danny Mack
Danny Mack
Old Shoe

Jul-22-2012 21:09

For every 10 000 Sleuth Dollars sent to me, I will donate 1 to charity up to 100.

I will run this for one month so the last day will be 23/08/12 or until the target of 100 is reached.

People are more than welcome to nominate charities and if people wish I can split the money between two charities.

If no one want to nominate a charity, I'll donate the money to Great Ormond Street Hospital -

The charities must be registered and/or proved to be legimate and must be able to accept paypal or bank transfers.

Proof of the donation will be provided.


Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Jul-25-2012 06:58

That's a really nice gesture Leddie :)

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