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Im saying it
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Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-26-2012 13:56

None of you believed me. All of you said i was crazy, a terrible gambler and that i was wrong. Some of you even threw an intervention for me saying i 'had a problem. Well im saying it:

Last Race Results
Big Winner: Lucinda Jean $550000

Place Horse Time Winning
Payoff Place
1 Three Legged Tom
2 Cataphrac
3 Ginger
4 Lightning
5 Tornado
6 Tammy Two-Tales
7 Naked Joe
8 Whiskey
9 Siesta
10 Old Nellie

See? It was 100:1 but TOM WAS DUE!!!!!!!!!!!!
HE WAS!!!!!!!!! And *i* was supposed to win when he was!!!!!!!!! :(
I am both dissapointed and gratified at the same time!!!!
I TOLD YOU ALL! I do NOT have a problem. And TOM'S A BUM!!!!! >:[

That is all. :)
Go ahead, make fun of me, i know you're all waiting to get your shots in, c'mon. Im ready. But i WAS right.


Assistant Postman

Jul-25-2012 04:27

Congrats Jason!!

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Jul-25-2012 06:57

Woop woop Jason way to go :)

Don't you just wish you'd bet more now though? *ducks*

Lucky Stiff

Jul-25-2012 10:08

hey $3k is nothing to shake a stick at! ;)

Battered Shoe

Jul-25-2012 11:58

Wait... after all THAT you won $3000???????????????????


Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jul-25-2012 12:54

>:| hey! I ROCK! y'all just jealous.

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