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A new challenge...
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Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-19-2012 20:57

People of Sleuthville, lend me your ears!
I call out now to all you tomb-raiders and treasure seekers! To those who love the thrill of a good treasure hunt!

In the spirit of friendly competition i propose a challenge.
This challenge will require 10 adventurous detectives to be split onto 2 Teams, each team consisting of 5 members, in 2 newly made Agencies of my own making in NY.

These two agencies will compete against each other in Treasure Hunts.
The first team to get their agency to 7,000 Fame wins:

$200,000 Prize to be split among the team evenly.
(Working out to $40,000 a piece for each teammate...not too shabby huh?)
Also each team after the contest ends will vote amongst themselves on who alone among their team was MVP (someone who went above and beyond, did a really excellent job, etc) The MVP's from Both teams will win a 3 month gift subscription from me personally.
You also win bragging rights and honor for your home agencies on being an awesome treasure hunter.
Whether your team chooses single or multi-city hunt strategy is entirely up to you.

Obviously this competition will run for a while, (I'm venturing a guess at anywhere between 2 weeks to a month depending on how luck smiles on you or how good you and your teammates are).

It goes without saying that you would be required to resign temporarily from whatever agency you are currently in to join my competing agencies for the contest. You are allowed to enter an alternate detective if you wish if you're too attached to have your main detective leave your agency, and the only rules are:

1) Absolutely NO Password Sharing.
2) Only one entry per contestant
3) Have fun.

I want to know who among you treasure hunters really has what it takes to come together and co-ordinate as a team to truly be the best.



Carrie Mehome
Carrie Mehome

Jul-30-2012 13:31

Thank you everyone for a Great Time!

It brought back memories of hunting treasure years ago. This should also go to show the young agencies that you can get those treasures ;)

I am looking forward to doing this again ;)

Safety Officer

Jul-30-2012 15:23

The City News apologises to anyone who thinks they or their Agency ought to have been mentioned in the final report to this competition. Fortunately past reporting should have prepared our gentle readers for the many errors the City News is prone to make. :)

Never let it be said that we let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Squirrel out.

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-30-2012 17:40

Congrats to both teams. You all did a fantastic job!

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