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The Annual Sleuth Beauty Pageant 2012
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The Announcer
The Announcer

Jun-18-2012 13:58

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Annual Sleuth Beauty Pageant of 2012! I'm your host, The Announcer. Now if you'll join me in a rousing chorus of our official song, first introduced at the Beauty Pageant of 2009!

"(to be sung softly and slowly, with solemnity)
From street to penthouse suite, master of mystery
She dusts everything she sees
She aces every case
She's boss at the Arch Villain chase
She's got a nice enough face.
She is Ms. Sleuthvilleeeeee
Hold your fedora up high
Hold your fedora up high
Raise it to the sky
Hold your fedora up high
Woaaa yeye oooh ye sky high, hold your fedora up high..."

-(adapted from William Shatner's "Miss United States" from the hit movie, Miss Congeniality.)

Brilliant! Now, come one, come all ye Sleuths to our balloon and glitter-festooned sign-up table! We need MINIMUM 12 contestants for the final rounds- however with markedly more interest we will have merry rounds of avatar contests! The contest is slated to start in the early days of July, after the Arch Villain Hunt Tournament draws to a close. Here are some basic requirements we ask from our contestants!

1. Must be a subscribed Sleuth, due to intercity travel in one or more rounds of the pageant.
2. This contest requires creative use of your search engine outside the game!
3. Must be willing and able to complete one Villain Hunt.
4. No fear of public speaking- the contest will have a tiny interview segment! (no video will be required, but contestants will have to come up with the best answer possible via a written format.)

Now, just so you beautiful people know just what youre getting into...

Any crowned representative of Sleuthville must demonstrate and excel in skills relating to all three persuasions of what makes a good detective- Smarts, Charm and Toughness- as well as just plain good looks!

Read on for more details!


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Jun-18-2012 14:44

I'm in.

Battered Shoe

Jun-18-2012 23:37

I would really like to be part of this contest but unfortunatelly i have to resign as the Villain and the design part are too much time consuming. Good luck to all participants

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-20-2012 13:14

*gets ready for that Pimp hat* :D

Safety Officer

Jul-4-2012 17:08

just unstuck this for now...

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