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1) Server? 2) Refreshing Problem? 3) JoC Skill
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Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jun-2-2012 08:30

I have come across 3 different problems within 3 days, two of which might be related. Here they are:

1) The Server: Kicked me out and I couldn't log in for hours on end, my other detective lost cases, which I didn't mind because my only purpose to subscribe with that detective was to experiment, in the first place. I hope this never happens to Eden! (this was the other day)

i) Part of Crime Lab Analysis page showed up above Delhi city map!
ii) Sometimes I could display a whole page (suspects pages in general) only if I refreshed it a couple of times.
iii) Get this:

-You check X's alibi. It's valid. You have X's page opened next to the map page, so you click on X's tab. You hit backspace, click on "ask another question" to refresh the page, you see Alibi: Y (real) written at the bottom. Alibi checked, and X's page refreshed.

-Then you go check other alibis, so the map page's been refreshed a couple of times now, and you come across another suspect with the alibi "Y".

-You go to townie Y, and see that X is still there, waiting to be checked!

So I rub my eyes, say to myself "Eden don't screw this up again, blah blah", I revisit X's tab again, and I see X was indeed checked already, and it says "real" right at the bottom.

What on earth is happening? And I don't want a strait jacket, nurse Ratched! (come on, I know it sucks but it rhymes :) )

This was all yesterday, too. I've been having this for at least about a month now -rarely though-, used to think they all were a result of my short attention span but I got it again and this time I was lucky enough to have both tags still open to check it out.

3) I have Advanced Interrogation, Advanced Sweet Talking and Judge of Character, but I have never been able to see any "Try to judge the character" option on suspects' pages.

Is this supposed to be normal?


Sleuthgirl Ciara
Sleuthgirl Ciara

Jun-4-2012 21:16

mi guidance councelor made me wear a badge that say the same thing eden, "short n simple" but the jocke was on her, b/c that day i buy paltform shoes, so it only haff truez! Plus i tall so eat it Mrs. Backus.

We now soul sisters :)

Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jun-5-2012 14:21

Wow Ciara, glad to have served as a vessel for you to bash Mrs Backus, the object of your affection :)

BTW, I've been told that the game was updated, and that I might be having problems with my caches, just like ctown28 and nicnic said.

"Admin have recently made an upgrade which has thrown things out slightly. You may have a cached version, so clearing your cache may solve the problem." was the exact explanation to one of my reported problems. So there has been a game update while the server was down, I presume.

Anyone who's had problems this(or last) week better clear their caches.

Thanks everyone.

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