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The Resistance
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Jun-1-2012 11:11

I recently found an awesome party/social game called "The Resistance" that my friends and I love to play. The premise is very similar to games like "mafia" and "werewolf"; you have a group of players, in which some of them are working against the group and have knowledge the others don't.

In "The Resistance", you are basically members of an underground organization known as "The Resistance" attempting to destroy the establishment. However, among you there are counter-agents, or "Imperial Spies" who are working to sabotage your efforts. The spies know who they are, as well as who else is a spy, but will for all intents and purposes appear to be working toward the goals of the Resistance.

The game takes place over a series of 5 "missions". The Resistance is trying to complete 3 missions successfully, while the spies are attempting to sabotage 3 missions. First one to 3 wins.

(Gameplay in next post)


Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-15-2012 01:27

Cek i agree with you on all points, this was a great game, a lot of fun and everyone did well, and thanks Jay for bringing it to us! Let me know when we're starting up again.

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