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Inter-City Travel Problems
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Fleur Veritas
Fleur Veritas

Jun-1-2012 04:50

Is anyone else finding they are unable to travel today? I'm in NYC and whenever I go to the docks and click on tyhe anchor i get the following message (on an otherwise blank white page):

Python syntax error at travel.spy:298 - invalid token
if == 0 or == 2: {

Or is this just happening to me? Help please!


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jun-1-2012 05:23

And just for anyone else who comes looking:

From Sleuth Announcements Board, Noir Down Thread

"I had to migrate the Sleuth Noir server to a new ISP this evening. I'd hoped it would take less than an hour, but here we are in the dead of night again...

Anywho, I am crediting current subscribers with a full extra day on their subs.

There may be a minor bug or two lurking around because of this switch. In fact it would be fairly miraculous if there were not. Please post here if you spot a bug you suspect is new. "

-Ben, Sleuth Admin

Besides the travel bug, there also seems to be a problem with buying an apartment.

Lucky Stiff

Jun-1-2012 07:03

and little jobs :)

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jun-1-2012 10:03

Should be fixed now.

See this thread:

Con Artist

Jun-1-2012 18:57

and shopping with the factions. :)

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