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Sleuthville AVH Tournament 2012
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Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

May-27-2012 23:30

Welcome one and all to the annual Sleuthville AVH Tournament 2012! I would like to extend a special welcome to the Sleuth’s oldies who have recently returned to the game, and a happy hello to the new players who have joined the community. In the spirit of friendly competition, and in the hopes of fostering new friendships and community togetherness, I hope that both new and old will join in this competition.

The format will be 16 detectives, randomly paired off into teams of two by a third party, to face one other team. (This hunt will go forward only if there are enough players participating [16]. If not, either the entry date deadline will be extended or the tournament will be cancelled altogether. )

For this competition, players going through Cairo will have one day taken off of their totals. The winning team will be the one with the lowest combined number of days for hunt completion. Failed hunts will not count against you; you will not be disqualified. If you fail your hunt and would like to start another, you may, but the day count will start from the official start date of the round.

The rules:

- As soon as you are matched up with your partner, please POST your team name on this thread.
- PM me as soon as possible if you find that your hunt goes through Cairo, so I can keep accurate records.
- In the spirit of competition, trash-talking is allowed, just as long as it is friendly and appropriate.
- If you are unable to compete in a round for whatever reason, you are allowed to ask someone to sub in for you for that round only. This privilege may only be used once, and only in emergencies. The player who is subbing in for you may be anyone who is not competing in the current round, even someone who was not initially entered in the competition.


Summer Daze
Summer Daze
Freedom Fighter

Jul-2-2012 03:00

Very well done to Eden and Carrie :)


Jul-2-2012 03:10

Congratulations on all members of this tournament for at least participating, which shows that you all have the skills neccesary to nab those nasty villains! And a special applause for the winning team, especialliy for Eden (a fellow agency member).

Lucky Stiff

Jul-2-2012 05:10

StrangerDanger was me btw ;)

Thanks VS as well!

Night Queen
Night Queen
Battered Shoe

Jul-3-2012 08:05

Thank you, Riza!! You put on a wonderful, wonderful tournament! (as usual. :) )

Also, thank you everyone else who participated. Because of the extreme talent involved, I was put to pasture after the 1st round. And I still thoroughly enjoyed the whole contest. Well done everyone!

Riza, I was particularly impressed with the prizes. Very nice.

Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jul-3-2012 11:01

Oh yeah - the propeller hat!

It's such a special prize, thank you Riza and Squirrel :)

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