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May-23-2012 12:58

You know who you are... you were alive once, a long time ago. And now, like a reanimated corpse, you're "un-dead", walking the streets of Sleuth with little memory and nothing more than an appetite for human flesh.

OK, maybe not the human flesh part.

But, you want to be in an agency with other legends of Sleuth.

Join us at Dawn of the Dead. It's an attempt to bring the glory days of Sleuth back under a single unified roof.

Will we be competitive? Maybe.
Will we Treasure Hunt? If we remember how, sure.
Will we spend inordinate amounts of time in bar chat? DAMN RIGHT WE WILL.

PM Serges, Special_K (aka Biggie), Autumnsprings, or Kagome_70 for an invite.

There's no obligations in this agency. Put money in the safe if you feel like it. Help on cases if you get a chance. You're a director by default, since I think at this point we've all earned it.

If you're only going to join one undead-themed agency in Sleuth, make it Dawn of the Dead!


Bela Talbot III
Bela Talbot III
Con Artist

Jun-5-2013 09:28


Ciara at her finest... :)

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