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May Writing Competition
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M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Apr-25-2012 16:52


Ivy Spini
Ivy Spini

May-10-2012 10:23

“It’s no work, actually” - Spini was beaming as usual, but Doctor knew enough of people to state that those smiles were showing not affection but sharp teeth.
“Then it is?”
“Just a small unfortunate accident, Doctoro. Skipped a step and sprained my ankle. Surely a breeze for a professional like you.”
That flattery might have made Doctor smirk some other day. Now, it was infuriating.
“Would you kindly keep your dictionary knowledge for someone else?” " she snapped.
“Apologies”, " Spini pondered for a moment, then went on:
“Looks like you could use my help, Mrs. Smythe”.
“I read the papers. Those gumshoes wouldn’t know a case solution if it came and punched them in a nose. I know how to work. So, Doctor? You can help to bring the babe who put your friend in a Chicago overcoat to justice”.
Carolyn was silent for a while. Her eyes were stinging; she blamed the London smog.
“I’m kind of short on dough. Those visits will be free. Enough of payment, Spini?” She thought the answer would surely be negative. But unexpectedly, Spini grinned even wider " a difficult feat.
“Then it’s a deal, Mrs. I’ll let you know when I snoop something out. Now, the case details…”
Spini came two days later as scheduled. Carolyn didn’t ask, and that sleuth said nothing new. At the end of the visit, Doctor couldn’t wait anymore.
“Anything on the case, Miss?”
“Nothing definitive. Six suspects so far " I’ll narrow the alibis down when I am able to walk straight. Oh, does this print belong to Andre Caban? No? Abyssinia, then.”

Another visit yielded no more positive results. This time Carolyn asked straight.
“Spini, do you know anything new?”
“Closer and closer, Doctor " this case will be over faster than you can say “Manhattan”. A question " was Orion Bankhart in your office the day of the murder?”
“Hm. Might this print be his?”
Some mental wall broke inside Doctor.
“Spini! What does that even mean? Who’s that Bankhart?”

Ivy Spini
Ivy Spini

May-10-2012 10:23

“A loan shark. He was angry because Callandra had forgotten his birthday twice”.
“T-this makes no bloody sense! Are you pulling my leg?”
“Believe me, Doctor, people have murdered over that. Why, last week…”
“I don’t need to hear your tell-tales! Are you even doing something " anything? I know I’m not exactly paying " so tell me to get lost, and I will! And have your free appointments, s-since you…” Carolyn paused and tried to wipe her eyes without Spini noticing.
“That maledetto smog is killing me too, Mrs. Smythe” " Spini handed her a crumpled hankie. “Now then, Doctor, no need to get irate. I have three possible murderers, see. This footprint…”
“Is not Bankhart’s. What now? Buy a b-bloodhound? Go asking everyone whether they’d seen something?”
“Sure thing, but first I’ll check the thread I’d found. Carolyn " if I may? If I were not a genius I am, I’d still be stuck in Sicilia. Carolyn, I’ll find that bastardo”.
Her Italian was pretty clear to Doctor; and Spini actually sounded heartfelt. “Thanks, M-miss… um…”
“Name’s Ivy.”

That evening Carolyn had gone to the tailor only to find Ivy bothering Penelope.
“But please, Miss! The case is hanging on this thread indeed! Only you can bring a villain to justice!”
Penelope sighed, pulled a thread out of a piece of cloth and compared the strands for a while before reaching a verdict: “It’s from his vest alright. See, the structure…”
“Why, a thousand thanks, Miss!” " Ivy stormed to the door but Carolyn caught her sleeve.
“Ivy, does that mean…”
“Yes, yes and yes. I’ve been footing him for a while, and now he’s caught”.
“Just one question. Is it always that hard to get some help?”
Ivy’s grin faded slowly. “I guess you already know”.
Next day, Carolyn was in her office when Ivy Spini came in, limping even more.
“Ivy! What the…”
“Doctoro, you just won’t believe my story!”
“Have you got him? Who?”

Ivy Spini
Ivy Spini

May-10-2012 10:23

“Tollison, her servant. He actually thought he could get away with setting you as a patsy! That could never fool me, though”.
“Why? Callandra was the nicest…”
“Cash. He’d lost a grand in gambling”.
“Bloody hell”.
“Tollison just couldn’t believe that he was going to be at Her Majesty’s pleasure! That faccia di culo even tried to attack me”.
“Your limp… Did he injury you?”
“No, no. He almost broke my nose but I threatened to give him lead poisoning and he shut it”.
“So what happened, then?”
“I dropped a paperweight on my foot”.
Carolyn checked her wallet. There was a lonely 50£ bill.
“I really don’t know how to pay you, Miss Spini. I’ll make those appointments free, like I said”.
“It’s just Ivy. And the price is fine. Case closed?”
“Anytime you need help with a case, don’t hesitate to ask”, " Carolyn suddenly stated.
Ivy smiled again, sincerely this time.
A week had passed, and Ivy Spini had barged in Carolyn’s office again.
“Morning, Doctor. Terribly sorry to distract, but would you kindly tell me whether this print…”
“Give me that”, - Carolyn pulled the files out of Ivy’s hands.
“I’ll save you some time, Detective”.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

May-10-2012 13:40

Okay everyone. Everything is sorted out and/or being fixed at the moment. The competition still continues. Ivy's original post will not count since she resubmitted her post.

Safety Officer

May-10-2012 17:27

Great to see you back in the err saddle Molly.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

May-10-2012 18:26

Especially if you're in the bit, Squirrel.

BOOM. ZING! Makes ya miss Barchat.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

May-13-2012 17:02

Ok everyone this is the last week when all submissions are due. The final day to have all posts submitted will be this upcoming Saturday. Judges will begin judging the following day. All judges, PM me your scores.

Looking forward to more posts!

Safety Officer

May-15-2012 05:28

I'm flat out at work, so I apologise in advance for my diminished capacity. Maybe someone will believe the lack of detail is planned or the typos are to test the judges lol. :D

Safety Officer

May-15-2012 05:30

Strange Bedfellows

"Vait a moment, vill you", a voice whispered from the darkness.

"Wha..." Jack spun, gun raised.

"Now, now" said the voice, "Ve are all on the same side." And from somewhere above him a shadow dropped to the ground. It was all Jack could do to stop himself from squeezing off a few nervous rounds.

"Damn you Pete" he spat. "I nearly pinned you then."

The other laughed softly, "Vot little good it vould do..."

Jack shrugged. He had him there. "Can you not... with the voice. Please it drives me nuts."
Pete brushed imaginary dust from his black velvet sleeves "Vell..."

Jack swore.

"OK, OK, don't get your panties in a bunch, but heck only for you Jack ol' buddy", came a languid Texan drawl.

"Marginally Better."

"Hey I have an image to maintain".

"Yeah, yeah, bad guys beware, 'he who stalks the night' is out to suck your..."

"Blood" Pete finished.

Jack grinned. "Yeah that too."

"So who're you doggin'?" The man in black asked.

"Malatesta..." Jack began, but a well-cultured voice cut across the darkness.

"Oh come now, this is impossible" and a young woman in a sensible dress stepped out from a doorway holding a derringer.

In a heartbeat the gun was on the ground and the girl was not. Pete suspended her by her neck, toes dangling in midair, his teeth glistening in the moonlight.

"Down boy", Jack said cooly. "She's one of us."

Pete dropped the girl as quickly as he had taken her. "Pity. I could eat the leg off a low-flying duck."

"Charming" the girl choked from the ground.

Pete laughed. "I can be charmin' if y'all want Missy", and his eyes glowed red. He waved a hand toward the girl and she shuddered and swooned.

"Leave her be and stop showing off." Jack sat down on a nearby garbage can. "You were saying 'Malatesa'."

Safety Officer

May-15-2012 05:30

Pete sauntered away from the girl trying to shake the fog from her head, and eased himself disdainfully down onto some crates across from Jack. "That's right Gumshoe, none other than that old goat Baron Frederick Malatesta."

"Same" Jack sighed.

"Likewise" the girl half coughed, half spat as she regained her feet. "Nice to see you too Jack." She said dryly.

Jack lit up. "Clementine Fortescue, Pe..." he looked at the vampire and got a non-committal do-as-you-please shrug. "Clementine Fortescue, Pete Jackson. Though you might know him better as the Dark Man."

The Gumshoe smiled as he watched Clementine struggle to keep her nerve. "I thought you'd be bigger." She said bravely. Jack laughed.

The Dark Man pulled a flask from his coat and took a swig. “Heck'n I thought you'd be prettier, if you're that little English girl I keep readin' 'bout in the newspapers. Explains why you don't like having your picture taken I 'spose.”

Clementine had regained her composure a little. “I still take a better picture than you I believe Mr Jackson.”

Jack laughed again. “Come on make nice. I haven't got all night to listen to you two practise your foreplay.”

“Jack!” Clementine exclaimed.

“Jack!” Pete mimicked.

“Malatesta...” Jack continued. “Can we just cut a long story short folks? We're all standing in the same alleyway, chasing the same man, for the same damned employer I'm guessing.”

“The Prince”. Pete and Clementine spoke together. Neither of them found it amusing.

“Why send three where one would do?” Clementine said quietly, more to herself than her companions.

“Well I don't know about you Clem, but I drew a fat old blank out here tonight.” Jack admitted. He took the following silence as a disgruntled 'likewise'. “So maybe the Prince knew more than he was letting on.”

“Shucks. Y'all should know I saw Finlay Stapleton in town last night.” Pete drawled.

The young Englishwoman swore.

“Clementine” Jack and Pete said together. They all managed to laugh.

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