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Factions and Townies??
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Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Mar-28-2012 08:38

Now... This may sound ridiculous, but I think the shoemaker in New York works for OOS!

And if you are positive with the OOS, you can easily get him as your contact.

And if you are positive with DAB, you easily get the priest. You know I strongly doubted this before, I even implicitly asked about it when I was raci, but I was told it was all random.

I think it's not all that random! My new subscribed detective Cingöt got the shoemaker again, after Eden, and he was OOS+ too. (sounds as if he were hiv+ creepy, lol)

Raci was DAB+, got the priest 3 times (following deliberate fa's to lose him - the priest)

The butcher in NY, I believe is connected to either the OOS oR LCN.

(I am thinking Oos)

Anyone to second this hunch?



May-13-2016 08:41

I did notice while doing treasure hunts that I frequently get cases in which a faction either wants me to solve a case or let the matter go. There was a particular townie that I needed and remained very elusive for two days. Then I got two easy cases in a row where I decided to quit to please a certain faction. Lo and behold, the favor for that particular townie finally came out ...

After that I decided to figure out if there could be a possible connection between factions & townies. To be honest, I haven't covered all townies yet and some are more obvious than others. I didn't include Cairo as there are no factions there.

Tea Merchant(s) & Eastern Triads --> only London and Shanghai have a Tea Merchant and are also the only cities where the Triads are represented

Priest/Missionary & Dies Arcanum --> the only clergymen in the game are in NY and Delhi, the cities that have Dies Arcanum

Shoe Maker(s) & Order of Socrates --> only NY and Shanghai have a Shoe Maker (Cairo too but see above), only NY & Shanghai have the OoS.

Podiatrist(s) & Green Hand --> only London and Delhi have Podiatrists and are also the only cities with the GH

Concierge(s) & Green Hand --> same as with Podiatrists

Butcher/Fish Monger & OoS --> the only townies that deal in food (again Cairo is not included here) can be found in NY & Shanghai, cities that have the OoS in common

Every city has a barber, waiter/waitress, fortune teller and bartender. Connecting these townies with a faction isn't very obvious. One observation perhaps, London & Delhi have a waiter while NY & Shanghai have a waitress. Perhaps one cold conclude that the Waiter in London & Delhi is affiliated with the Green Hand while the Waitress in NY & Shanghai would be affiliated with the Order of Socrates. Just an idea ...

Every city also has a unique townie; Curator (London), Music Teacher (NY), Stage Manager (Shanghai) and Holy Man (Delhi). Connecting these with a faction isn't very obvious either. Thoughts?

Cathy Rose
Cathy Rose
Lucky Stiff

Dec-1-2016 01:49

It might be indicated by the item they give you when you complete a favor. Or maybe the item that you receive is contingent upon the favor you have with each of the factions (sorry if that sounds convoluted)

Con Artist

Dec-2-2016 16:34

Cathy, I'm not following. Can you explain a little more? Are you saying that if the Holy man in Delhi gives you a pair of black dress shoes you'll probably get the foot doctor next? That's just an example of course.


Dec-2-2016 18:26

If you get a rasputin egg the waiter will be next to serve you an omelette.

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