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We Got The First Big Winner Title
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Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-7-2012 00:05

Or at least the first one I've seen. deserves notification either way. So:

I'm proud to announce ThePumpkinKing just managed to finally fix a race last night and get the title! Congratulations, mate!

Now...just between the two of us...if next time you get a tip like that you don't share it with me too I promise I'm gonna put a bullet in those naked legs of yours...



Mar-8-2012 17:03

Squirrel, that's awful! I thought Tom was the worst bet you could make, but from the sounds of it, that ol' nag might just have him beat!

Joey, maybe I should pilfer your stash 'cause I'm not feeling the urge to bet much lately.

Old Shoe

Mar-8-2012 17:17

Just to make rub your pinkish nose in it, O Furry One, I think it actually was Old Nellie giving me my Big Winner title...

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