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Suggestion: Replayable games
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Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Mar-6-2012 12:51

I suggest Hypoware embeds a code whatever in the game that would enable users to see their mistakes or maybe glitches after the case is solved.

A temporary storage space, and some codes. That's it.

There are more than 2 reported instances -that I know - where the users were "dead sure" there was some sort of glitch in the game.

I don't mean to say "resolvable" "reopenable" cases - sorry for abusing the language, I have no idea if there are such words in English-

I mean playing the past case in sequences and frames to see what really happened.

Would like to hear your thoughts.

(I was going to post this on the Newbies thread and then changed my mind this would be the right place to post it)


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-12-2012 00:11

Hi everyone. I'm taking another look at these kinds of potential issues.

I started a new thread in Game Announcements to consolidate this conversation:

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