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Contest: Sleuth Trivia
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Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Jan-12-2012 16:40

Think you know a lot about Sleuth Noir? Prove it. Answer my questions. Anyone is eligible to participate. If there are at least 10 interested participants, then this contest will go forward. You MUST post here to be considered eligible. Signups will be open until January 19, 2012. Questions will be posted at an undisclosed time on Jan 20, to keep things fair. A little brain exercise is always fun, no? :)

Format: 20 questions of varying difficulty, which will be posted below should there be sufficient interest. You must have the correct answers to all questions, numbered in order. Multiple-part answers must be separated by commas, and the answers must appear in the correct order to answer the question. All dates must appear as such: “April 15, 2012”.

Prizes: First Place: $500,000 Sleuth Dollars. Second Place: $250,000 Sleuth Dollars.
It is possible that there may be no winner at all. Only one entry per detective is allowed, and no second detectives are allowed. It is in your best interest not to share answers, as all answers can be found on this site.

Method of Submission: Please PM your answers to me, do *NOT* post on this thread. If any part of any answer is posted by anybody, the contest will be over and no one will win anything. The fastest correct submission will win first place, and the second fastest correct submission will win second place.

I am a grammar nerd, so please mind your spelling and capitalization. If there are any questions or concerns, PM me and I will reply as soon as possible. Most importantly, have fun! :D


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Jan-14-2012 18:30

I'll give it a try. Why not?

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jan-15-2012 02:37

This just shows that I should read the rules more carefully - I hadn't noticed that speed as well as accuracy was involved. That probably rules me out, given my time zone and when I can be online. Oh well. I'll still have a crack at finding the answers, just for the satisfaction :)

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Jan-18-2012 13:07

I'm in :)

The Announcer
The Announcer

Jan-19-2012 15:41

The last day for entry submission is January 26. The names of the winner(s) will be posted on January 27, assuming that at least one/two people have submitted winning entries by then. After the announcement post has been made, you are all free to discuss the answers. I fully expect these questions to take some time; however, I do not underestimate your skills ;)

Please be advised that questions pertaining to Cairo have been kept to the barest minimum, since I know not everyone is able to access it yet. The other questions are fair game and can all be answered with a little detective work. Check your answers and be certain before you submit. **All answers can and MUST be found on this site. **

Disclaimer: Riza Hawkeye reserves the sole right to arbitrate and make the final judgment on any and all entries.

See you all tomorrow morning, and good luck! :)

The Announcer
The Announcer

Jan-20-2012 08:04


1. What is the name of the local gossiping woman who shows up in random case twists in New York? London? Shanghai? Delhi?

2. What is the name of the second character ever created on Sleuth Noir? What is this character’s Archetype? With which other person does this character share the same avatar?

3. Who has written the most approved random mystery intros, and how many did that person write? What title does this person hold on their detective page?

4. Who possesses the title “Lady of Shadows”, and what unique colored accessory does this person carry?

5. How many times has Three-Legged Tom won a race, and what are his chances of placing first in a race?

6. Take the price of a one-year subscription to Sleuth Noir, multiply it by the number of FAs you have to get before your detective is retired, add the minimum number of Sidekicks you must have to get three extra cases a day, and then multiply by the number of female townies in Delhi. What do you get?

7. What Sleuth theme (background) can Tea Steeper supporters obtain that Tiger supporters cannot? If you are a Tea Steeper, how many skill points do you need to use to get every single skill available to you in the game?

8. Who was the winner of the Shady Lottery, how much did that person win, and on what date was this announced?

9. Who was the first to find a random-drop color-toned item on Sleuth Noir, and on what date did this happen?

10. Who has the fifth highest standing with the Tea Steepers Faction, and what is that person’s faction standing?

11. What city is Big Lucy’s apartment located in when it is (rarely) opened to the public? What book is sold at the fence behind Big Lucy’s Cabaret, and who is the author of that book?

12. What is the current number of published, playable scripted mysteries? Who is the guilty culprit in Heimlich VonVictor’s “The Executor’s End”?

The Announcer
The Announcer

Jan-20-2012 08:05

13. What date was the Cairo expansion for Villain Hunts officially released (available to play, not the announcement date)? Who was the first person to capture a villain going through Cairo, and what title was this person given?

14. Who was the first to find Secret #1, and on what date was it found? What unique item was given to this detective for also placing in a Noir fairy tale contest?

15. Who was the first to successfully capture an Arch Villain, and what was the date and city of capture?

16. Which city does not have a Shady Character to pay off FAs, and which city has a discount Shady?

17. Take the number of Scholars in Shangri-La, add the number of letters in the first name of the detective who wrote the longest letter to Shady, and then multiply by the minimum faction standing you need to open a treasure hunt. What do you get?

18. What is the title of the only partial book (not journal) you can read in this game which does not give you any experience points, and in which city is it located? In the game, what is the name of the head librarian of the Manhattan Library in NYC?

19. What date was the Sleuthetania expansion released (players able to board)? How many Journal pages must you find to get into the Captain’s Quarters? Which member of the crew shares his name with the Admins’ first son?

20. On whose person can you find the book “Twas the Night Before Christmas”? How many books does this person have?

The Announcer
The Announcer

Jan-20-2012 08:43

*For the second part of question 7, neglect archetype (pretend it has no effect on how many skill points you need to purchase a certain skill).

The Announcer
The Announcer

Jan-20-2012 09:35

*For question 16, Shangri-La does not count as a city.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-21-2012 08:37

Now this ain't no picnic, I’ll give you that. I can almost hear Riza’s reply when she’s gonna read my answers: “Ain’t that cute…BUT IT’S WROOOONG!”


Jan-21-2012 18:07

@ Joey: Why does that sound familiar....? Wait, now I remember! It's from 2 Stupid Dogs, right?

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