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Avatar Policy Reminder

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jan-10-2012 16:11

Hellllllllooo in there.

I just wanted to take a moment to confirm that we do still want people to adhere to the official avatar policy as stated on the upload page. We'd like people to only use images of human faces, and to try to be genre and era appropriate.

We're all very proud of the ambiance we've managed to maintain here over the years, and avatar images are a small but important part of that.

For now, I'm just asking people who may have inappropriate avatars to change them when you have time. If necessary, I will come up with some kind of tool that allows moderators to enforce the policy directly, but I'm sure you'd all rather I didn't spend the small amount of time I currently have for Noir development to do that.

- Official Policy from Upload Page Follows:

Whilst we encourage subscribers to change their avatar to something they can more readily identify with, we also ask that you consider the atmosphere that we are trying to maintain within Sleuth Noir. We respectfully ask subscribers to use avatars which depict a human and are not: cartoons / cgi, animals, aliens, monsters, pictures which obscure faces. eg masks, wearing a paper bag over your head, etc etc.

We also encourage subscribers to try and find a unique image, that someone in the game is not already using. There are thousands of photos out there, either in your own family collection or further afield. Use your burgeoning detective skills to seek out an image that is right for you and right for the game.


Thanks again,

Ben (Sleuth Admin)


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jan-10-2012 16:17


HI BEN!!!!!!

And thank you!


Jan-10-2012 19:30

Whoa whoa whoa....

Oh, man!! Just when I pledged to keep this as my permanent avatar! Drats!

Oh, well...Time to search for a better face...

Thanks for letting us know, Ben! :)


Jan-14-2012 13:10

Hi Ben. The reason for my making a comment here is, I'm researching all threads for the contest Riza is fixing to start. Since I'm a contestant, I got out my notebook to take notes and started here. I couldn't help but laugh as I thought it would be a good idea if I changed the real me or my photo, to wearing a paper bag over my head, since I'm always embarrassing myself on the message boards. Come to think about it, a cartoon might work...he-he! Just joking. I do enjoy seeing real faces of agents at play. *Cheers*

Safety Officer

Jun-24-2012 17:40

bumpity bumpity bump.

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