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AVH Tournament
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Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Jan-2-2012 23:31

What: An Arch-Villain Hunt Tournament
When: Starts Jan. 9 (a Monday)
Who: Anyone subscribed: newbies, intermediate, and advanced players

Winners (yes, that is plural) will win 3-month gift subscriptions. If there are 7 or more in a category, runner-ups will win 1-month gift subscriptions. If you are just starting out or been around since the start of Sleuth Noir, there is a category for you.

Categories will be:
Jack Rabbits (sleuths with less than a million points)
Jackalopes (sleuths with less than 10 million points)
Old Dragons (8 figure sleuths)
Note: You cannot enter more than one category. Your category will stay with you as to where you are when you accept your round 1 mission from the prince.

Competition will be head-to-head. No teams, simply individual. Very simple. To reduce the blind luck factor, there will be playoffs as follows:
2-3 competitors: Best 2 out of 3 with all competitors
4-6 competitors: Top 2 sleuths will have a sudden death playoff.
7-9 competitors: Top 3 in sudden death
10 or more: a 2nd round will be announced where the top half will advance.

You can start your AVH anytime on January 9. Entries starting after that date will not count (except by special permission). If you fail your AVH, you are simply outâ€"so be careful. Subsequent rounds will start January 16. January 16 may be pushed back depending on the results of the 1st round. You are timed simply on the day you finish. NOT on the time of day. Don’t want anyone feeling like they have to start at a particular time of the day to be competitive. Only whole days will be counted, and YES, there may be ties. Any category must have 2 or more contestants to be viable.

Special Note: If January 9 is a bad day for you and you still want to enter this contest, please state so in a reply. Also state what date you can start. Reasonable requests will be accommodated, and only your total days on your AVH will be counted.

EVERYONE join in!


Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jan-3-2012 06:29

I'll be there!

Friday Robinson
Friday Robinson

Jan-3-2012 07:40

aussi moi!

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Jan-3-2012 10:57

Here is the list of possible entries so far to date. There is still time to add your name to these potential winners.

Jack Rabbits:
AndyThomas - Queen's Gambit
Cekury - Fearless Investigations
Vivian Claire - Joss Boss
AlexisLee - ALM
EnzymeRage - Fearless Investigations
Sherry Kola - Queen's Gambit
ThePumpkinKing - Blue Pagoda

Friday Robinson - Joss Boss (see next posting)
Shawn Savage - Joss Boss (see next posting)
Lou Hoyle - Joss Boss (see next posting)
Botsie Boots - (see next posting)
Cordelia Falco - Zero Gravitas
Synesence - Queen's Gambit
JoyfulJones - Queen's Gambit
Cat Bleu - Joss Boss
Summer Daze - Joss Boss
Ima Vagabond - Medicine Show
Dogberta - Overdogs
Lady Zeugirdor - Blue Pagoda
Peter O'Neil - independent

Old Dragons:
Sal Iva - Blue Pagoda
Lady Jas - Blue Pagoda
Night Queen - Queen's Gambit

If you want to add or subtract your name, please do.

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Jan-3-2012 11:05

It is the purpose of this tournament to get more people involved with each other and with AVH's. To help ease competition and make things more fair, I am going to tentatively introduce a new category:

Road Runners (Meep! Meep!)

Road Runners are those sleuths with less than 2 million points, but not Jack Rabbit eligible. Please note that this new category will ONLY be recognized if there are 3 or more entries eligible. Otherwise, these contestants will be Jack-A-Lopes.

Hopefully, there will be even more chances for prizes.

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Jan-3-2012 18:52

Nephi speaks. But only garbled goo comes out. If nephi had any integrity for seeking truth, he would have sought out and read the post that explains this temporary avatar. I guess that is asking too much from nephi.

I also do not care for nephi to be the self-appointed avatar police. Nephi does not merit mine or anyone else's obedience or recognition.

Please, the topic for this thread is strictly for the tournament. Other topics go elsewhere. You can pm me if you think otherwise.

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jan-4-2012 02:19

Have to say that given my advanced age I feel more like an Old Dragon than a Jack-a-Lope!


Jan-4-2012 15:22

for the Jack rabbits list, the second name in the list is Cekuray, not Cekury. In my country, for this spelling thing, you owe me a lamb Queen! On Easter! :)

Tome Raider

Jan-4-2012 16:17

*Counts his lambs three times to make sure, then circles "Visit Cekury's home country" on his Not-To-Do-List*

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Jan-4-2012 23:30

Sorry for the mispelling. Here ye! Here ye! From now on, it is Cekuray. Of course, now you have to tell us what country you are in.

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