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Case Levels vs Skill Pts: Do you have a ratio(after n trials) in mind for each level?(is this a cat
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Dec-26-2011 21:17


This is a question hard for me to state: Is there any mathematical formula as to what the skill pt per case is at a certain case level? Suppose that you've done n incredibly hard cases, after which you can no longer get any skill pt per case.

Is there a fixed number of cases that gets you 1 skill pt? like 10 inc. hard cases per pt? Or is it someting like "the limit of s.p(skill pt) as n(number of case for that level) goes to infinity approaches to zero?"?

It's getting harder and harder for me to get any pts. I realized that it's by the acquiring of an extra skill each time that you start doing good at that level. So I just don't think I'll be able to crack the stupendiously hard cases to get those skill points that'd earn me yet another skill. On the other hand, without any skill I cannot solve said cases. This is like a vicious circle, a catch 22?

Do we really have to subscribe for this thing and get into some agency so that we collaborate with other detectives during those cases that get as hard as they could get?



Dec-30-2011 14:41

Well from all I have read thus far about the contacts:

As far as I know, the 2nd contact is received after you get 150 000 xp.

So that means solving quite a number of cases for newbies like me. Therefore one should strive to get PE first.

And that takes very long if the game AI(game codes, whatever that is) keeps assigning you non-PE townsfolk.

You have to keep quitting their favor. There's no other way to make the game understand you want some other contact.

I guess even that is not the case. I guess it is very random and it is mathematically possible that you can quit cases and try forever to get a specific contact

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