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Echoes of Madness
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Ed Carlyle
Ed Carlyle

Dec-22-2011 21:45

The "CASE CLOSED" stamp made THUMP sound as Edward Carlyle slammed it down onto a case file manila folder. "And once again the day is saved thanks to, Edward and Jasper!" Jasper Mayfield said.

"Very funny," Ed replied. The lights flickered with lighting flashed outside followed by a loud crack of thunder. "Think it will ever stop raining?" Ed asked Jasper. "I don't know..possibly...soon...hopefully?"

Ed laughed aloud. For the last two years, Ed and Jasper had been partners working as U.S. Marshals in the New York City District. Jasper had the face that only a mother could love but he was married to a beautiful woman, where as Ed was a more handsome looking man with no wife. Why? Because he had screwed up and lost his marriage and his two kids. While they were living a life in Los Angeles, Edward was trying to make ends meet in New York.

His thoughts drifted to his ex wife for a moment. He remembered how she had saved him public humiliation by divorcing him quietly. Had it gone public, he would have lost his job and everything else he owned.

"Edward! Jasper!" Captain Riley called out from his personal office. The building was an old abandoned bank that had been bought by the police department and turned into what Ed and Jasper called The Office. It had a few large rooms and a few smaller rooms. The lobby was full of desks, each desk had its own person behind it, all of whom in the building, were Marshals.

"In my office, pronto!" The captain yelled.

Ed and Jasper walked in and took a seat.

"First off, I'd like to congratulate you both on a job well done on your last case. It wasn't hard to find him but you did it. I don't know how and I don't care how but we've got some thing bigger than that. The FBI has contacted us about investigating a looney bin."


Ed Carlyle
Ed Carlyle

Dec-22-2011 21:52

"It turns out," he continued, "that people are disappearing and dying from unexplained deaths. The FBI said they'd look into it more, but they're tied up with some...personal stuff. Dr. Erik Peterson is your P.O.I (person of interest), and will be greeting you at the gates of the asylum. I'm giving you this case because you two are the best case men here and if anybody knows how to get the job done, it's you too."

"Thank you, sir." They both said.

Edward and Jasper both stood up to leave but Captain Riley stopped them.

"One more thing, both of you," he said with his voice starting to go into a deep whisper."

"A body was found not too far away from the asylum. Name of the vic, is John Doe and he has the word CRAZY carved into his forehead. I honestly think Dr. Peterson has something to do with it and I don't like sending you two on this but something's not right."

"Don't worry, Cap'n." Jasper said reassuringly. "You can count on us."

"Good. Now a quick hint would be for both of you to go down to the city morgue. Dr. Carruth is performing the autopsy. He'll have the victim's cause of death."

Andrew Corelli
Andrew Corelli

Dec-26-2011 15:07

As soon as Andrew Corelli entered the room, he removed his drenched hat and coat, Dr. Eliah Carruth covered a figure with a white sheet and nodded at Corelli while he was lighting a cigarette.

"Tough night, detective?"

"As every other night, just a little more wet, what can you tell me, doctor?" Corelli pointed at the white sheet with his cigarette.

"Ready to see it for yourself?"

Corelli briefly stared at the white room and took a deep breath of air mixed with alcohol and formaldehyde, after pulling a little notebook and a pencil, he nodded. Carruth raised the white sheet and the stench sat on the room.

"White male, 6ft, blonde..."


Carruth shook his head.

"What about the time of dead?"

"The humidity and the rain prevents me from getting an exact time, the body doesn't have signs of decomposition, but the maggots in the body and lividity makes me believe it was something between the last three days, he was murdered with a sharp object, the mortal wound is in the back of his head" Carruth moved the body a little to show the place, Corelli quickly wrote something in his notebook.

"The body, it was completely drenched?"

"I know what you're thinking, detective, and yes, even the back"

"Weird, the rain started yesterday" said Corelli in a dim voice "you talked about the mortal wound, the body have another kind of wounds?"

"Yes, multiple cuts in the left wrist, every one of them scarred" again Carruth showed the place.

"I see... Is that everything?"

"Well, it may not be relevant but the head have some blisters?"

"Blisters? Is that the result of some kind of... sickness?"

"I'm not sure, but..."

Andrew Corelli
Andrew Corelli

Dec-26-2011 15:07

The doors opened and a couple of men, a dark haired man and his taller companion, entered in the room.

"Good night, doc!" said the taller man, while the other removed his hat. "I love this place, it's so lively"

Corelli frowned, Carruth with a deep voice said:

"Detective Corelli, Edward Carlyle" the dark haired man shook hands with Corelli "and Jasper Mayfield, both from the U.S Marshals"

"Take off your hat, Mayfield"

"Excuse me?"

"Your hat, you're in front of a dead man"

"Oh, sorry" Jasper took off his hat, after a couple of seconds Ed Carlyle talked.

"We're here for the John Doe found in the area nearby to the asylum"

Corelli and Carruth shared a puzzled look.

"I'm investigating the crime, is something wrong?"

Carlyle shook his head.

"We're investigating the asylum, and we thought this crime was related"

"Maybe we should share our information" said Corelli, extinguishing his cigarette in a nearby ashtray.

"I know of a good place where we can talk" added Jasper.

Ed Carlyle
Ed Carlyle

Dec-27-2011 14:50

Sami's Greek Restaurant never failed when it came to an investigation. Maria Seaver. the waitress seemed bored when the three men walked in. "Detective Corelli!" She exclaimed. "Same seat as usual?"

"No," he replied, "Put us somewhere in the back away from the majority of people."

They were seated and each of them ordered a drink. When the drinks were brought out they began comparing notes.

"Okay," Edward said, "here is what we've got. 6ft male, blonde, multiple scars on the wrists, and the word 'CRAZY' carved right into the middle of his forehead. Name? John Doe."

"Right," Andrew said. "Killed by a mortal wound to the back of the head. But he also had blisters on his body."

"Where?" Jasper asked as he and Edward filled in the notes they didn't have.

"His head."

"Could it be some kind of sickness?" Edward asked.

"I'm not really sure. Even Dr. Carruth wasn't sure about that." Andrew said. "The body," he continued, "according to the doc, had been outside for about three days. His whole body was soaked when they found it, but it only started raining yesterday. Which means, that his body had been moved there."

Ed leaned back and took a drink of his beer. There was a long pause of silence as everyone reviewed their notes.

Ed Carlyle
Ed Carlyle

Dec-27-2011 15:12

One John Doe; A 6ft white male, multiple scars on his wrists, a label carved on his head surrounded by blisters, with a mortal wound to his head from a sharp object. Found only a few blocks away from the local asylum which was called Peterson's Psychiatric Center.

"The head wounds puzzle me," Edward said lighting a cigarette. "The blisters, and the fatal wound. I think I know of someone who might know more about sharp wounds to the head. I'll call them just before we go see Dr. Peterson."

"Dr. who?" Andrew replied quickly.

"Oh sorry, forgot to mention that." Edward said quickly. Truth was he had been more focused on his beer than he had on the victim.

"Dr. Peterson is the head doc at the asylum. Right now he's our person of interest. We've gotten reports from the FBI that there has been some pretty shady stuff going on in the place and there has been a lot....unexplained deaths. Men and women a like are dying with no clear cause. But Jasper and I know there is more to it."

Maria walked by the table to check on them. "Can I get you boys anything right now?"

"I'm good," Edward said. Corelli politely declined but Jasper ordered a vodka tonic.

Ed pulled out his pocket watch. "Excuse me gentlemen. I have phone call to make."

He walked down the hallway towards the restrooms and put a nickel in the phone, and dialed zero.

"Detective Edward Carlyle, badge number 4256, U.S. Marshal."

"One moment please........How can I help you detective?"

"Do I have any messages?"

"Yes you do. One from Dr. Carruth. He wants you, Mayfield and Corelli to return to his office. He says he has an 'interesting discovery' for you on the body."

"Is that all?"

"Yes detective." Edward hung up the phone and returned to the desk. "Dr. Carruth has something he'd like to show us on the body. "I'll drive," Edward said. The three of them left. Afterwards, he'd have one more phone call to make. Hopefully she'd answer her phone.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Dec-29-2011 04:11

Clift Garrett never really thought of himself as an 'interesting discovery', although he was secretly arrogant enough to know he had been an interesting discovery for many women -and some men as well- in his past due to his good looks and moderate fame as a Broadway actor.

He recalled with fondness his time as a private investigator and all the highly fascinating cases he worked on. However, as good as he was at it, it never was the job for him. He sighed with deep relief as he remembered all the late nights, the many interrogations and investigations and the quite dangerous and perilous situations he had put himself in on more than one occasion.

It is all over now. He is back to doing what he loves and lives for. He is back to the stage where he role plays and gets away from any dreary reality to one of his choosing and design.

Clift shook his head suddenly. He was startled as two handsome men and a third odd looking taller one entered the room. He looked to the white-cloaked doctor by his side.

Dr. Eliah Carruth was the first to speak. "Mr. Carlyle, Mr. Corelli, Mr. Mayfield... this is Mr. Clift Garrett. Mr. Garrett seems to have helped us identify the body thus making himself a useful and very interesting discovery."

Clift smiled as he shook hands with the three gentlemen. "I wouldn't say that about myself Dr. Carruth..." Clift gave the doctor a puzzled glance and then spoke freely. "Gentlemen, I was a detective myself in the olden days and can understand what a frustration murder cases can be... I should like to put myself under your disposal and be of any aid I can."

Andrew Corelli eyed Clift sizing him up cautiously whilst Edward Carlyle spoke. "Mr. Garrett, it is indeed a pleasure to meet you. I am not a huge fan of the stage, but I do recognize your face from several posters I've seen plastered all over Broadway."

Andrew Corelli spoke in his professional capacity. "Who does this body belong to Mr. Garrett?”

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Dec-29-2011 04:14

"This is Charlie... I can tell for sure... he worked as my understudy at the Marquee Theater back when I was playing the male lead in "Anne Christie"... I am not sure what his surname was... Jones or Johnson... or something to that effect... he was meant to play a supporting role with us in our current production, but he did not show for a whole week... we had to use several different standbys... being a seasoned past detective myself I thought I'd check the morgue..."

Dr. Eliah Carruth nodded. "Mr. Garrett gave a written statement to that effect. We shall await a confirmation from the police department and I will be able to assure you of the confirmed identity once I review the reports.”

Edward Carlyle looked to Clift. “Mr. Garrett as a past detective yourself you would not be too surprised if we asked to question you further.”

Clift laughed. “Not at all, so long as you continue to be your charming self and don’t let Mr. Corelli here interrogate me!”

Andrew finally smiled and the taller guy laughed at the thought.

Clift looked to his watch. "I do have to catch a late show now gentlemen, as you know the show must go on. If you would like first row seats and we can talk some more after the show ends?”

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Dec-29-2011 20:42

Riza Hawkeye flicked her eyes upward as the phone on her desk table began to ring. Gently putting down the frayed papers she held in her hands, she arose from her bed and walked across the room lit dimly by a single candle on her bedside table. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve, cleared her throat, and then picked up the phone. “Hello?” she said rather forcefully.

“Hello beautiful,” said a familiar voice on the other side of the line. Riza would have ordinarily smiled, but she was not in the mood that night.

“Ashes. How nice of you to call. What do you want?” she said brusquely.

“Must you always call me that?”

“Still smoking?”

“Yes, but it was just one--”

“Then you’re Ashes. What do you want? I’m in the middle of something important.” Riza glanced back at her papers, her eyes drawn to the faded ink halfway down the page she had been poring over.

“I need to ask you a question…about head wounds. I have a case here, where the victim was murdered by a sharp wound to the back of the head. I thought you’d be the best person to ask.”

“What did it look like?”

“A small entry hole surrounded by a large dark bruise. Didn’t look like there was much bleeding.”

“Scalpel to the head, straight through the soft spot. It hit an artery, and the brain hemorrhaged and swelled past the confines of the skull. The victim died of internal bleeding. He suffered,” she concluded in a monotone voice.

“Oh, there were also odd white blisters all over his head.”

Riza snapped out of her thoughts, focusing very clearly on Ed’s words as she narrowed her eyes.

“Ed!” she barked into the phone, making him jump. “How close were you to the body? And was anybody else there?”

“Pretty close, we were examining it. Just me, my partner Jasper, and Corelli. But this other guy, a Clift Garrett, was the one who found the body. Why?”

“You…” Riza trailed off. “That man may have had smallpox.” Riza abruptly hung up before Ed could say anything.

Andrew Corelli
Andrew Corelli

Dec-30-2011 21:43

The curtain fell and Corelli started apologizing to all the people giving a standing ovation; in the hallway he had some more trouble passing, but flashing his badge proved enough to get backstage. Everyone was laughing.

"Detective Corelli, great to see you, did you enjoy the show?" asked Clift Garrett, still in the costume of a king.

"In the hallway someone said that you make it look as if the role was made for you, a true disciple of Thespis."

"And what do you think?"

"I have the same opinion. It's a shame Mr. Carlyle and Mayfield couldn't make it." Corelli produced a pack of cigarettes. "Would you...?"

"Sure, thanks." Both men lit their cigarettes. "Did something happen?"

"Mr. Carlyle made a phone call, then they said they had to return with Mr. Carruth." Corelli took out his little notebook. "Now... about this person..." Corelli quickly eyed the other actors.

"Right." Clift turned to a green-eyed redhead. "Marie? Do you remember that time when we were performing Anne Christie?"

The redhead giggled. "Of course, it was a couple of months ago."

Clift made the introductions. According to him Corelli was an old friend back from the college days, he continued.

"Do you remember Charlie?" Clift asked.

"Charlie? Charlie Johnson? Oh yes, I haven't seen him lately, what's with him?"

"Well...we met at a party, he forgot his hat, so I thought I could return it," interceded Corelli. "Do you know where can I find him? Maybe he has a family, friends, co-workers..."

"Hmmm... no, not that I can remember."

"He almost never talked about himself," said Clift, "Except that he used to work for a chemical company."

"Oh yes, the Mandelbrot Chemical, I was with him when he went to get some results from one of his friends, we were in the middle of..." the redhead trailed off.

"When was that?" Corelli scribbled something in his notebook.

"Let me think... it was...something like two weeks ago, oh yes, it was the night of the 23rd."

"His friend, do you remember his name?"

After thinking for a couple of seconds, Marie shook her h

Andrew Corelli
Andrew Corelli

Dec-30-2011 21:43

After thinking for a couple of seconds, Marie shook her head. Corelli and Clift continued talking about the show for a couple of minutes. After that Corelli said his goodbyes, assuring Marie he would give his regards to Charlie, and gave Clift his card.

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