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WE versus PE
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Summer Daze
Summer Daze
Freedom Fighter

Oct-30-2011 08:35

I am wondering if I have come across a conflict between two of the general 'rules of guilt' in Noir and would appreciate some feedback or enlightenment on this.

My understanding is that the following are both true:

~ Two pieces of witness evidence (WE) against a suspect = guilt
~ Elimination of all physical evidence (PE) against a suspect eliminates him/her from the crime.

Recently I had a case where I eliminated all but 2 of the suspects by checking PE. There was one final piece of PE that could have belonged to either of them - and the contact was at the bribing stage. I therefore decided to search for WE and - if I could only obtain one of these - use the final bribe with the contact to confirm.

I obtained one piece of WE against a suspect - let's call him Umesh (well that was his name) - but when I checked that final piece of PE with the contact the answer was negative. Well it must be the other fellow I thought (there had been lots of clamming) so I accused the other - only to find that the guilty party was indeed Umesh.

This has made me rather wary of eliminating suspects even when none of their PE checks out. I hope that the above makes sense and you can see where I am coming from? At the moment I am treading gingerly to say the least........



Jan-5-2012 20:49

Hey this happened to me at least twice. (I write things down too)

Just so you know.

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