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Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Oct-27-2011 10:27

[Feel free to join in as my case partner or any of my friends (or as the killer if you wish). It's open ended. My only request is to keep the suspense going and don't kill the mood too soon. PMs are greatly welcomed.]

~ New York City ~
~ Sometime in the early 40's ~

"This is already the third case this year."

"And it's not even close to Easter yet." Zeo exhaled, hugging his coat tighter against the late winter chill.

"Well don't expect this corpse to raise from the dead anytime soon."

"Even if she does," Zeo replied as he circled around the victim, "she wouldn't be able to tell us what she saw or what she heard."

"Unless we find her head, that is."


Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Oct-27-2011 14:40

"Madame, you have had a call."
Molly turned her head as she closed the front door to regard Vivi, her new French maid. With a nod she began to pull off her silk gloves, dropping them on the entryway table.
"From Mr. Billings?" She presumed, but was surprised when Vivi shook her head no. "Who then?"
"Ah..." Vivi paused to figure out how best to pronounce the name. "A Monsieur Joseph Zee-ohhh."

"Oh, thats a name I haven't heard in a while." Molly smiled. "I shall call him back in the study, bring me a cup of tea and the callback number if you please."

So saying, she swept over the parquet floor of her new fashionable New York home to the study on the right. As she seated herself in the plush chair, Vivi appeared in the doorway like a wraith with a steaming cup and a crisp white notecard with a number.

"Thank you Vivi, that shall be all." She dialed the number with practiced fingers and listened to the phone ring. Presently a voice answered.

"Joseph Zeo." Molly said, her voice a smooth cultured purr. "My maid said you called. Is anything the matter dear?"

"Molly, good to hear from you. I have a case that you may be interested in assisting with." her old friend said without preamble. Molly admired his frank ways.

"Splendid, my schedule has been rather empty." She said, fiddling with one garnet earring absently as she pulled out her monogrammed notepad. "Why don't you tell me when you have some free time, you sound rather harried at the moment. We'll meet for dinner and discuss the case in length. I'll make the reservations at a nice little place where I know the owner, let me know if anyone else shall be joining us. I'll be happy to hear from you." Molly said, and uttering muted goodbyes she hung up to ring the maitre'd of Mr. Stixts Elegant Dining.

"We'll need a table darling." she said, then raised one finely pencilled brow. "That will be under Amelia de Maltesse, thank you."

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-27-2011 20:11

Smoke billowed from the train as it pulled to a stop at the train station. In unison Marc stood up along with everyone else, anxious to get off that train and get back into the big city. For close to a year, Marc had stayed in Los Angeles, doing various small jobs while doing part time P.I. work. In that year, he helped the D.A., found a girl, fell in love, or he thought, broke it off with no regrets, and then decided to move back to New York. He stepped out of the train into the cold air.

Picking up his suit case in one hand, and his briefcase in the other hand, he he walked out of the station with out a word. He signaled a taxi. "Where to, bud?" the driver asked. "Take me down town. On the corner of 3rd and 2nd street." The ride was quiet.

When Marc walked into his old apartment that the landlord had, thankfully, kept empty in case he came back. Gone for such a long time. Marc let out a sigh. He quietly unpacked his suitcase and set his briefcase on his bed. He grabbed the newspaper he had picked up on his way in and opened it.

He read about a few murders here and there that had happened. He thought of some old friends. Marc heard a knock at his door. "Who is it?" Marc asked. "An old friend." the voice replied.

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