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Secrets At Samhain: A Caper in Ireland
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Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Oct-27-2011 09:35

"Darlings, its terribly good to see you." Amelia de Maltesse known as Molly to her inner circle began, taking a seat at the head of the decadent art nouveau table that crowned her dining room. "I do declare its been a while since we reunited- I daresay some of us have gotten into the most delicious ventures in that time."

There were appreciative murmurs all around the table, and a few jokes besides. She waited a moment with a coy smile on her lips, running her fingers absently through her rich waves of auburn hair. When the room had quieted somewhat, she produced a slim folder and placed it delicately on the table before her.

"The reason why I called you all here today is I have had the most interesting case offer from a rather desperate fellow in Scotland. He is the caretaker of a castle in Ireland. Excuse me for thinking the man is already quite a dunderhead- he's had several psychics tour the premises in an effort to discern the curious activity there and come up with nothing. The parish police have investigated a strange murder that recently occurred there but have come up with nothing."

"You're saying this place is believed haunted?" a voice rose from the friendly din of the dining room.

"It would appear so." Molly looked down at the file and tapped a slim fingernail upon it. "More like, it may be a series of elaborate pranks designed to drive the castles denizens away. There is a footnote in here about a vast treasure hidden somewhere on the grounds in the 12th century, and the recent discovery of a priceless gold cup has stirred up local interest and treasure hunters."

"Cursed treasure, of course." said another voice. Molly threw a quick grin.

"Naturally." She ran her fingers through her hair once again. "It isn't our usual case. However, all expenses are paid for our travel and the caretaker seems quite desperate for our professional opinion. The murder has put quite a damper on things as well.


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-6-2012 14:20

“Now that was one hell of a punch, Joseph!” spoke Mark. “You didn’t exactly strike me as a fighting character, you know.”

“Certain situations call for certain measures” replied Zeo while leaning a bit with a shoulder on the wall. “I learned that move from an old friend of mine…an ex boxer turned detective in his late years.”

“Don’t know about his detective skills, but he must’ve been a good fighter.”

“Well, let’s just say he had a way to get things done. However…his methods were mostly developed in only one direction and diplomacy was not a part of them. But…enough about old dogs. Let’s get back to our friend lying on the floor here. He did say a couple of interesting things before he…went mad.”

“Indeed…” started Molly. “He mentioned the docks. I wonder what’s there?”

“The cemetery” replied the bartender wiping out a glass.

Short tensioned pause. Carlyle decided to break the silence.

“I believe he also said someone was here before…I think he meant someone like us…”

They all looked at each other with somehow worried eyes.

“What’s that?” Suddenly Zeo bent over the unconscious body looking somewhere behind his ear. “Riza, could you take a look at this? It looks like your area of expertise.”

Riza came on his side and for a close look. “Puncture wound. From a small and very sharp object…like a needle.”

“I think this may be what we’re looking for” said Carlyle picking a small object from the floor. Looked like a needle with small feathers. “Maybe it fell from his neck while he jumped.”

“Careful with that!” jumped Riza as she laid eyes on it. She carefully picked it up from Ed’s hand in order not to sting herself in the fingers. “I’ve seen something like this before. It’s sort of an African arrow usually blown towards its victim through a tube. Also usually…it carries poison.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-6-2012 14:21

“Ok…but this guy isn’t dead” Zeo replied with a thoughtful expression.

“I’ve heard of different kinds of poisons” Molly started. “I remember reading a book once about poisons that would allow a person to somehow take control of the victim’s mind, like hypnosis. Not sure exactly how it functioned, but it did involve some type of rituals I believe.”

“Well…” replied Zeo turning his eyes to Marc. “Can I take a look at your neck?”

“Be my guest” answered Mark while feeling the skin on the back of his neck.

“Indeed” concluded Zeo after having a look. “You seem to have the same type of wound. Do you remember if you felt any sting before blacking out on the ship?”

“No. But I couldn’t say I didn’t either. It’s still a bit blurry that day… So, it turns out that I was poisoned?”

The bunch took a small pause once again. This time Riza decided to break it:

“Ok, I’d say we just made some progress in this case. We have a few clues: a possible hypnotic African poison which we don’t know what’s doing in Ireland and knowledge of former detectives…or treasure hunters who found their end in this foggy town. I don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel that our so called ghosts are more flesh and blood like. I also do believe we have someone waiting for us outside, so…I suggest we move our investigation to the castle.”

The others silently approved and the group exited the pub. Zeo stopped in the doorframe and turned towards the unconscious body, then raised his eyes towards the bar.

“Don’t ya’ worry…” said the bartender “I’ll take care of him. Ya’ all have a good day at the castle!”

Zeo tipped his hat and went out the door to the others.

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