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The Sensible Thing
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Aug-10-2011 12:48

Ages and ages and eons ago, I was Milady here. I decided to play again and couldn't get into that account, but found I had left this one - so here I am again.

I'm at the point that I stopped with my previous character: I can do Really Really Hard cases fairly well, but can get fouled up by not being to find all of the suspects (or motives, that was annoying). Going pass that, particularly without a second contact doesn't look like a pcnic.

I know the sensible thing to do is get Advanced Sweet Talking, but I'd rather not do the sensible thing all of the time (though even that can't exlain how I have Judge of Character. Sheesh - though mind you, heaven forbid I have basic Interrogation so I actually do use the skill). It is why I have advanced hair analysis though (I wish I had ponyed up the extra point for Thread. No one seems to drop hairs in my cases - the first day I got it, 1 out of 12 pieces of evidence was a hair.)

So, on the docket for my elusive 10 skill points:
Hypotism (I'm already in their good books, so no worries on the political front)
Advanced Thread Analysis

Any suggestions? Arguments in favor of always doing the "right" thing?


Old Shoe

Sep-3-2011 15:20

Honestly...I will say this...

Only a Freud can help you...Your ideas are brill--plausible...if this were Sleuth Fighter.

But it isn't...So stop being such a downer and have some fun!

Do you....want to play tag?How about it?


Sep-3-2011 15:27

Agree with Vampirion,your ideas are best suited for another game.

Why don't you contact Blizzard and tell them your ideas?World of Warcraft could use a person with your kinda ideas.

And I think a game of tag is just what you need.How about it?You count to 10,and we all run and hide.

How does that sound? :)

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