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Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Jun-19-2011 00:08

A huge shout out for RIZA HAWKEYE !!!

She has the distinct honor to be the only one in Sleuth Noir to average over 50,000 points per day.

This is an amazing statistic! It demonstrates Riza's hard work, love for the game, and brilliant expertise. Just look at her long, long list of captured Arch-Villains, and you get an idea of how many AI cases she has solved.

Yes, there are many others that have their own long list of successful AVH's, but almost nobody else even comes close to Riza's daily point average.

Riza is simply a super legendary sleuth who can do AI's in her sleep.

For those so inclined, you calculate your daily average by dividing your xp total by the number of your character days, plus 1. The plus 1 is because the powers-that-be decided that everyone starts on day 0. Don't ask me why. So everyone is actually one day older than what it says on your character page.


Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Jun-19-2011 01:03

My dear Night Hawk
I agree with you that Riza is showing a great advancement in the game and I would also like to congratulate her for her dedication and success.

I would only like to make two remarks as I do not wish to demotivate new detectives from this kind of achievements

a) The average per day xp points gain of Riza is the result of a team work …as more than 3 detectives are contributing to this result by supplying solved cases to Riza. If you take a look at the weekly hi scores lists you will always see Riza (even if she is after a villain!) to have 190-200 cases solved per week indicating that even in her absence from her agency….other detectives are simply putting solved cases in their agency case files waiting for Riza to return. Ddog did the same thing extensively in the past and that is why he is number 1 in the relevant list (hehehe he was having far more than 50000 xp per day points at that time). Lady Jas, turtledove, ctown28 and others were never pumped up in the past and are better (for new players-detectives) examples of achievements in this area.

b) Riza is showing a remarkable record in the Villain Hunts but we must never forget that this area belongs almost exclusively to turtledove …our official Villain Scourge. According to my opinion all praises go to turtledove as he has no real rival (hehehe with maybe the exception of Evelyn if she would even return to sleuth world)

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Jun-19-2011 15:56

Why thank you very much Night Queen, I'm honored. I wasn’t expecting this when I read the post title. I thought someone had found the rumored Secret #3! ;)

I haven’t really done anything special; I’m just currently on a case binge for as long as it takes to get a single book from Cairo…and apparently randomness makes it take much longer than expected. Ah, I love fueling my OCD. I don’t think I’ve done an actual villain hunt in over a month, I believe, but when I’m VHing, I’m not taking cases from anybody else. My weekly count is usually around 50-60, but right now two other detectives have been graciously helping me out (many thanks). I agree with VS, there are many good role models out there in various fields. I remember when I started out, ctown was mine :)

In RL the least bit of attention terrifies me, so uh… *surreptitiously fades back into shadows*

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Jun-19-2011 17:38

Vampiric Smile makes some good points, so let's examine those points. VS makes a comparison between Riza, turtledove, and Evelyn Gardner. Starting with total number of AVH’s, the tally is as follows in alphabetical order (by first name):

Raw Data:
Evelyn Gardner: About 111 AVH’s, 1 failed. Notes: First to solve 50 AVH’s. Age: 1,813 days (active 1,614 days).
Riza Hawkeye: About 173 AVH’s, 0 failed. Age: 949 days.
turtledove: About 245 AVH’s, 5 failed. Notes: May have the most solved AVH’s. Age: 1,586.

Analysis of Data (in order of best stats):
Riza: averages an AVH every 5.49 days. Success rate: 100%
turtledove: averages an AVH every 6.47 days. Success rate: 98.0%
Evelyn Gardner: averages an AVH every 14.54 days (active days only). Success rate: 99.1%

As for VS’s claim that Riza had used the last several weeks of taking an abnormal number of cases to get to the 50,000 xp per day case. Let us examine that. When I started Night Queen in mid-November in 2010, Riza Hawkeye already averaged over 48,000 xp per day. Since then, she has never dipped below 47,500. I know because I have to admit I am snoopy; I checked. There have been intervals since November when Riza was nowhere near the top of the Weekly High Scores if on there at all. Yet she would consistently come back often enough to run her agency and do AVH’s. Back in November, nobody was even close to Riza’s average. Nobody else was even over 35,000 xp per day .

As for the last several weeks, Riza was solving over 200 cases per week. Only AI cases would elevate her 48,000 average to over 50,000. Yet there was only 1 or 0 failed cases standing during this interval. That is an amazing stat for AI cases.

A final point is one Riza made. You cannot help someone when they are on an AVH. An AVH strands you from borrowing cases or getting help.

I stand by my claim that averaging 50,000 per day is exceptional when you combine it with being the best of the best at AVH's.

Safety Officer

Jun-19-2011 18:06

I really must get Ben to invent a Sleuth Colouring Book :)


Jun-20-2011 08:46

Hehe. Such wasted time :-)

Pinball Amateur

Jun-20-2011 15:13

May I just say...

My head's spinning.


(And not from the migraines either. ;-)

Regardless of who did what when, in what order, through what method, with what assistance, in what time continuum, I think they all should be congratulated. Riza, Evelyn, and Turtledove are all incredibly fantastic people AND detectives, and THAT is worth celebrating.



Fantastic work!! ;-D ;-D ;-D


Stupendous job!! ;-D ;-D ;-D


Fantabulous achievement!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

(and finally...)


*brings out a three-tiered, elaborately decorated cake, and hands a knife to each of the celebrants.*

Congratulations again!! ;-D


Carolyn Spark
Carolyn Spark

Jun-20-2011 20:04

Agreement with Breit! Fantastic work guys!
You are an inspiration to the young and old detectives of Sleuthville.

Also Night Queen, kudos on the math!

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Jun-21-2011 00:23

Carolyn and Breitkat, that was just the response I was looking for. The sole purpose was to show what a fantastic job Riza has done. Just in a way that most people do not think about.

My intent was not to put anyone down. Only show recognition. No reason why turtledove cannot be recognized either. He is certainly a master by anyone's definition.

I don't care one way or the other about Evelyn since I did not know her, and she is no longer active. But if her memory is important to some of you, then let's include her too. She was certainly a pioneer in AVH's.

While we are celebrating greatness, I would even like to include Vampiric Smile. He has personally captured 142 Treasures just in Vampiric Crypt. That has got to be some kind of record.

Old Shoe

Jun-21-2011 14:08

As long as we are acknowledging great achievement, I'd like to acknowledge those who are extremely average and I'll have to humbly put myself at the top of this list.

I could do better- but I don't. I could play more- but I don't. I could be more motivated- but I'm not.

Come on people! A rousing hand for those of us who make the rest of you look good!

*bows to the thunderi... apathetic applause*

(totally kidding btw- LOVE sleuth, if life weren't so busy I would be SOOO addicted- can't tell you the number of times I've let an assignment slide a bit so I could get in my cases.)

ALSO HUGE kudos to RIZA! She (and Lady Jas) have been my mentors- not only do they work hard but they take the time to really help others!

Congrats to the rest of you overachievers!

Old Shoe

Jun-21-2011 14:09

Would that colouring book be an additional subscription fee?

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