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sweet talk can only be used once?


May-7-2011 10:21

I was working at a SM and this is what I saw:
"You may only attempt to Interrogate or Sweet-Talk a particular suspect once per Mystery.."
First time it seems to happen.Any thoughts?Is it normal?


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

May-7-2011 10:48

Yes, you cannot sweet talk or interrogate a suspect more than once. However you can sweet talk or interrogate more than one suspect.

Hope that helps!

David Adams
David Adams

May-9-2011 17:52

What that particular blurb means is that you have already used your Sweet-Talking on that particular suspect, and cannot do it again for that particular case. (Same deal applies to Surveillance, and so forth, though we tend to see the messages for Surveill a lot more often.) It simply means you're done with that particular person; move on to somebody else. ;-)

Hope that helps a bit. :-)


Harry Edgeworth
Harry Edgeworth

May-10-2011 16:01

One thing I've learned that distinguishes Surveillance from Sweet-Talk/Interrogation -- Surveillance can only be used once per mystery, while Sweet-Talking/Interrogation can be used once per suspect (ie it can be used as often in one mystery as you have suspects who clam up). Even if your surveillance effort fails, the fact that someone got stalked will spook all of the other suspects and make it impossible to try again until the mystery concludes.

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