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What Am I Going To Do?
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Feb-14-2011 00:51

Hey guys. This is kind of a follow-up to my last thread. There I asked many of you what you had done to make things any different. Here I'm asking you, "What are you going to do?"

I always tell students it's better to show not tell, so here we go!

What I'm doing- Tonight I started writing a short scripted mystery that will serve as a tutorial to answer a lot of the common SM questions that people have.

How long will it take me- Hopefully I will have the whole thing done in a month (but with me who knows).

What would I need for it to work- I'd need it to be approved as a Scripted Mystery and ideally I'd like Ben to make it free to all players.

So what do you think guys? What can you do to help Sleuth?


Assistant Librarian

Apr-7-2011 15:48

Thank you Irene for all of your hard work!


Apr-7-2011 16:54

Hi all :-) I am looking forward to the weekend, when I hope to be able to make the server calculate the result as well :-)

There will be no second round. This will be when you have convinced Riza she will put up a new (real) hunt for you. May be even with a price? Perhaps a Pearl Handled Dirk? :-P

Riza will then collect the people interested/joining, and I will put them together with a start date into the database, and the same tracking system will be used over again. As you might have realized, the various ways to run a tournament is due to parameters that one want to set up. Most will be related to the way a score is calculated - and Riza will inform me how she wants the score to be calculated, and if a higher number is seen as better than a lower number... Besides of that, one may choose to do "strict" rules, or "gracious" rules, and you are meant to be able to choose between catching one Villain, or two in a row. The tournament will be team based, but you may choose single-member teams.

In the end I hope that you realize that it is actually you who will be the people who help the system to do the tracking that will give the most correct scores. - as it's you, when you look at the scores, that helps the system understand it's going to collect some information. So, if Cairo means something to the score/result, you are the ones, by looking, who makes the information availiable.

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Apr-8-2011 11:33

Thank you very, very much, Irene. I know you have put in many hours on this escapade. You are a real jewel in Sleuth Noir. :)


Apr-9-2011 15:09

Finally, the link now also include scores for both each team member and of the team in total.

In theory I have also corrected the last error that gave trouble when viewing the scoreboard file from outside of playsleuth2.

Next target is to produce some kind of brackets like way of presenting the information. I'd like some help on that topic: would it be a good idea to make a separate "viewer" for brackets, where less information is availiable of each member and team? - otherwise, I guess it will be hard to stuff all the information into the same page...

Pinball Amateur

Apr-13-2011 19:26

Congratulations to all the contestants, especially the Eagles team!! Everyone did an extraordinary job in this Tournament!! This is the first time in a long time when we didn't have a failed hunt (that I can remember, anyway ;-).

Thank you very much to Irene for all of her incredible hard work and effort in hosting this, and in getting her program to work!! I'm very, very proud of you!!

I had a great time, and Missy was supremely disappointed she didn't get to chew on more Eagle feathers. Ah well. Mebbe next time. ;-D

Great job also to my team, Anikka, Vampiric Smile, and Aknas!! You guys all had difficult hunts, and you did wonderfully with them. Congratulations!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

Again, thank you everyone!! ;-D


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