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What Am I Going To Do?
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Feb-14-2011 00:51

Hey guys. This is kind of a follow-up to my last thread. There I asked many of you what you had done to make things any different. Here I'm asking you, "What are you going to do?"

I always tell students it's better to show not tell, so here we go!

What I'm doing- Tonight I started writing a short scripted mystery that will serve as a tutorial to answer a lot of the common SM questions that people have.

How long will it take me- Hopefully I will have the whole thing done in a month (but with me who knows).

What would I need for it to work- I'd need it to be approved as a Scripted Mystery and ideally I'd like Ben to make it free to all players.

So what do you think guys? What can you do to help Sleuth?


Pinball Amateur

Mar-12-2011 18:03

As always, I have several projects in various stages of development (including, if it ever gets through Programming, our little carousel horse that's just sitting off by itself, waiting to be ridden). There are several people who have collaborated on the Boardwalk, but yeah, I'm one of 'em. And I'm lettin' the kitty outta the burlap. Shoot me.

I'm also working on improving said Programming Department. The details, at this moment, are still classified. But for those of you who think that absolutely nothing is happening to try to change things....

YER mistaken.

Now. As for "exposure for Sleuth...."

We've done advertising campaigns on *other* (i.e.--sites unnamed but hopefully familiar to most of you) websites before, and the results have been....well, disappointing to many of us at best.

There have been a couple of Sleuth related pages done on Facebook, but as of yet, I believe there hasn't been a strictly *promotional* page done for Sleuth. I.E.--

an AD!!

I just logged on to the main front page for Facebook, and towards the bottom of the page (under all the first timer Sign-Up stuff), there's a tab that says, "Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business."

Anyone who's been on Sleuth for more than 2 weeks knows very well that putting me in charge of creating a webpage is a dangerous thing indeed. (Literal Computer Idiot Here, Folks. ;-) So. Anybody out there willing to help me with this little project of mine, please??

There's other frying pans in the fire of my life, but we won't go there right now. My extinguisher's low on juice as it is. Hope that helps, and anyone who wants to help, PLEASE contact me. Thank you!! ;-)



Mar-20-2011 11:08

Testers wanted...
There will be no rewarding. Still I hope to collect 4 teams of 4 sleuths to participate in a small AVH tournament (3 best in the team will count), in order to see if I manage to do the correct tracking and construction of a "scoreboard" - over at

If more teams are interested in joining, I will enlarge the tournament, but for a first try, 4 teams is my target. As it's testing, I am interested in having one team that will not be able to put up 3 players to finish an AVH :-P (If you can bring that team, I will be happy to know :-))

So, I have decided on start date: April - 1 (aprils fool day)
Use of sidekicked cases is discouraged.
3 best players in the team will count. I'll be using Serges way of computing score (need to look it up somewhere)
If a player starts more than one AVH within the time frame of [startdate - 1: startdate + 4] the best AVH will count.
Starting before the startdate will count as a failed AVH.
A failed AVH will count as a failed AVH.
An AVH that is not finished within 13 days will count as a failed AVH.
If one player's AVH goes through Cairo, and someone looks at the scoreboard when the player is Active in Cairo, on day is subtracted from the number of days to complete the hunt.

Hopefully some of you will be interested, and manage to collect 4 sleuths to be in your team. Send me a sleuth mail with the name of your team, and the team members.
I will do no checking on the joined team members, whether they may go to Shangri La or not. That is your responsibility.

I hope to sometime soon to bring up at least some scoreboard information over at the playsleuth2-site. - and may be, if things runs smoothly, I will make the page availiable also for those not logged in ;-)

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Mar-20-2011 11:47

I think that the best way to build up teams would be to list your name on this post and when there are enough names we can form groups of four players.


Mar-20-2011 11:48

Count me in :-)


Mar-20-2011 11:57

I'll join with a team that I will call "The Disasters", and it will consist of Irene, Huglover and Huglover's Assistant, and a fourth player that I will try to dig up...

I guess it's a given that we will be the loosing team, since both Huglover and Huglover's Assistant is unsubbed at the moment.
- and myself, I plan to use loooooong time to finish the AVH ;-)

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Mar-20-2011 13:02

Count me in too!


Mar-20-2011 14:42

Okay, I'm going to throw my hat in and say I'll do it. Now all I have to do is REMEMBER!

Andrew Corelli
Andrew Corelli

Mar-20-2011 15:14

You can count me in.

Pinball Amateur

Mar-20-2011 15:45

I'll give it a go. ;-)

Pinball Amateur

Mar-20-2011 15:47

(And from the looks of it, that's five so far, 8 total. ;-)

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